Monday, October 15, 2007

Ive Been Flippin' Tagged!

Ok, So apparently I'm a bit too mysterious, because my kind dear sister Jayna has 'tagged' me. Basically this means I must tabloid up 6 random previously unknown facts about my sweet self, post them on my blog for all your reading pleasure, and generously pass along the favor by tagging 6 friends :) So read on my awesome friends, and BEWARE - you may just be next!

1. I always wanted to have a pet pig. So much so, that I gave up pork (and other red meats) in the 4th grade and became a borderline vegetarian! Im still trying to convince gabe that I need one.

2. The movie E.T. traumatized me and gave me nightmares permanently since seeing it at the drive in as a young child. To this day I have not attempted a repeat viewing, and I refuse to post a picture of the hideous little glow in the dark alien with freaky finger and long neck. I still sometimes fear he will come for his candy when I eat reeses pieces!

3. I have been proposed to with rings 3 times. Calm down folks - I only said yes twice!

4. I am shamefully addicted to purchasing Jeans. Thankfully I married a man who also suffers from this denim dillemma...and we have formed a sort of co-dependant support group for each other. We have 6 shelves devoted straight up to nothing else (all in all, id estimate 100 out of our 500 square feet are claimed for this cause!) Thank goodness our legs are short or we'd be in a real pickle!

5. I hate the sound and feel of fingernail files. Its true, they make my spine twitch. I have only had my fingernails done 3 times in my whole life: High school graduation, and my two wedding days :) See the death tools pictured below!

6. I hate math. Im basically challenged in all areas except fractions (thanks to food) and percents (thanks to shopping). I am completely comfortable with my lack of ability to solve random matrices or crazy story problems where a boy ends up with 4 bags of marbles minus 13 cows from his father's second bride. I mean, when will I ever need to know the actual result of such a problem?

And there you have it innermost shameful secret compartments REVEALED!

And with that I will TAG the following people:

1. Kelly Woodland

2. Amber Patty

3. Mitzi Cannon

4. Maren Crickmore

5. Diedra Smith

6. Krystle Jackman


Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Hate you and your tagging!!!
::shaking fist wildly::

stadia said...

I am so glad I an related to Jayna and Christy because if I got tagged I would have to reveal some dark secrets about myself that could be embaressing about them.

Designing Woman said...

(PS: I think I'm an awesome friend because I knew ALMOST all of the those)

Jayna & Fam said...

I verify all of these sad, random facts as true, true, true. Good job!