Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Just another day in paradise for the Gabester. I thought for sure that dunking on the 9'1" hoop a few weeks ago would be my big grande finale for my basketball career, but a lot has happened since then.

So, last week Christy was feeling pregnant again, I don't know what her deal is, but she decided that church would just put her out, so I had to go alone with her mom- Sherry. I decided after the first meeting that I had had enough, but Sherry had to teach a lesson in the 2nd and 3rd hour, so I decided to go visit my brother- Hart and then come back and pick her up when she was done. That was probably the most significant event that has lead to all of this new excitement. So, I got over to Hart's house and we ended up out at the basketball court. Well, we started shooting around a little and then we basically had a little dunk contest. Well, I don't know if you would actually call it a dunk contest- it was more or a dunking soiree. Hart and I were throwing down some serious jams! Now don't get crazy- we were only at 8' 6", so for all of you who were ready to sign us up for the Lakers, unfortunately even I realize that that is not going to happen- well maybe.

Anyway, check out these sweet pics. I love the church shoes and the bare midriff- what's a fat kid to do? Hart called me the next day and left me a voicemail..."my abs hurt from dunking it so hard!", so it's not just me who's realized that we are the next MJ and Dr. J. These will definitely need to be printed in full size and glued to the nursery wall for sure. It will help the new child have lofty goals and aspirations. I'm going to be a great parent.

Well, the other amazing and wonderful part of the email/blog is that I am officially a champion- again. That's right, my 3 on 3 basketball team is the 2008 Eagle, ID Kiwanis Parks and Rec Champions. Amazing I know. So, I got a call from my mortgage broker yesterday and he asked me to be on his 3 on 3 basketball team. I thought it was really weird since I have only met him one time, but he must have just seen the athleticism bursting out of me. Well, I showed up this morning and my broker stood me up and I was team less. Well, I got lucky enough to get put on the team with one other dude and 3 women- one of which was really special, special in a large, manly, crazy lady way, but it was fine. I figured that we'd play 2 games and lose and it would be over, but instead we actually started playing good and we ended up winning the whole thing. It was a lot of fun. The best part was in one game we were playing another coed team and I knocked both of the opposing teams ladies to the floor. I can't help it, I mean we are talking about championships here- there's no place for playing soft. Well, we ended up beating 2 all men's teams and won. It was a lot of fun. So now I can officially retire from all future basketball events and just walk away a winner- just like Elway. I do need to apologize to everyone from Arco and the Lost River Valley, because if I had only had the confidence boost from a dunking soiree like I had this week, we'd of taken state for sure. I was on fire! I was hitting shots that I never would have dreamed about hitting before- I can't wait to tell my kids about it!

Well on a sad note, my sweet wife Christy slammed her finger in her car door today- not a pretty site. I think that she must have felt a little inferior to my new champion status and just lost all confidence in her motor skills. I know, I'll try and not gloat in my day of glory any longer for fear that she might chop off her hand while making dinner or burn off all of her skin the next time she curls her hair. I love you honey! That's all I've got.



kkrich said...

gabe i love that you post like we all care.
also, christy i love you and your belly. so exciting.

oh and i guess congrats gabe. good job. go get em slugger.

Maren said...

You PROMISED me no creepy floating babies. And what is with the rainbow fetuses at the bottom? Has Idaho made you forget all your promises?

stadia said...

Gabe, define championship status a

Jamie said...

Gabe... I don't understand, but I'm happy for you.

Christy, you're GOOD. I'm already experiencing 7 out of 8 of those symptoms. I have to admit, I find the mood swings kind of funny. I seriously understand the stereotype of pregnant women crying over commercials now.

Also, if it helps, my pants haven't fit for a while now. This may be because I am the tiniest thing in the world and my body doesnt know where to put a baby so it is just expanding as rapidly as possible. Which kind of gives you a hint about what I'll look like 5 1/2 months from now...

Designing Woman said...

ok, first off, gabe this was a great post and i did actually read the whole thing.
but now i've been sitting at home for 4 days straight with mono and i need some more entertainment....possibly a punnett square or something else mildly amusing. thanks!