Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Goods

So Ive lost my identity as an individual and am nothing but a baby product purchasing machine! I just wanted to see what people thought of the things we have in mind for the wee one before I laid down the visa (well, Gabes Visa) and made it official. I also wanted to hear about all the 'must-haves' that you seasoned mothers have already pain-stakingly researched and chosen so I dont miss something great! * Thanks to Jayna and Amber who already shared with me their product wisdom!

If any of you read my mother's blog you have seen and read what the nursery was like for my sister and I as babies. I don't know if I can compete with her custom painted dressers and enrichment made hanging basket full of now illegal products...but I only hope to fill my childs room with even HALF the pizazz she came up with!
So here are the bedding sets we have....

One is gender neutral and I LOVE it (we will set up the nursery with this one on the left, which also pictures the changing table im going to order!) and the other mother purchased and put in a closet just in case its a girl. I knew if I bought it - it would jinx us for life and wed only have boys from now on! But its there...just in case.

As for a crib...well when Gabe came home from the hospital he slept in an apple box... so justifying my very necessary $1300 "Ouef" crib was IMPOSSIBLE! So I went on the hunt for the next best thing within a reasonable budget...and found THIS spectacular crib!(Ouef crib on Left, spectacular crib on right). We saved a bundle and although we havent ordered it yet, I am pretty sure this is the set I MUST have! What do you think though?

When we origionally went shopping for a carseat and stroller, I already knew I was going to have troubles enjoying anything with a baby print fabric on it. We went into Babies R Us and tried a few out and picked the Chicco brand combo. However, when I came home my sister informed me that the secret to a good baby seat and stroller was in how LIGHT it was! And she recommended a few brands that I think we'll go with because after 2 kids I trust her opinion! (Plus, they were MUCH better priced!)

The stroller is Kidco and the carseat is Baby Trend. They arent a 'set' but they match and the carseat still fits in
the stroller like the ones they sell together. Ill probably end up getting a customized cover for the carseat anyway, especially if its a girl. But I actually really like the neutral brown and if we're lucky we might be able to use it for the next baby too.

So thats it for now. Ive gone back and forth on whether or not to have a baby shower, but Ill probably register for the little things like a tub, bottles, towels, sheets, and toys. And like I said before - Id LOVE to hear brand recommendations and lists of things you actually NEED and USE so I dont end up with a bunch of junk trying to pawn it off at the nearest "Kid to Kid" in 6 months!


Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Now, don't get me wrong, I am an EXPERT on many, many things.
That said, shopping for baby goodies is one area where I am soooo far out of my league, it's almost unfair to call me a shopper at all. I believe this all relates back to the fact that I curl into a ball on the floor, rocking back and forth, at the mere mention of babies. Maybe not though.
Either way, I am super stoked that YOU GUYS are having a baby, and knowing your shop-abilities as intimately as I do, I don't think you'll have any problem with choosing the right things.
P.S. I secretly want your "gender neutral" crib set for my Adult-sized bed. Don't tell Matt.

stadia said...

Christy and Gabe, the things that you chose for your baby come with not only the physical things but they come from your deep well of love so trust what you choose.

As for the shower, I think you should have a shower after the baby is born. I also suggest maby having a shower for friends and one for family.

Love ya lots!

Jamie said...

Okay for the record, I actually love your spectacular crib much better than the Ouef crib. Is that sac religious to baby fashion?

And yes, the body shape changes are totally weird, disorienting, and um... is there a good word? Shocking, maybe? I, too, am excited for the full-on-bump to replace the "wait, are you chubby or pregnant" look. :)

I commend you for your restraint, but we are absolutely decided to find out what it is. Steve puts it this way, "I don't want our baby having only yellow and green clothes." Haha.

megan&steve said...

Everyone has their own opinion, you will learn that quickly. I have really enjoyed my pottery barn fold out changing pad (for diaper changes on the go) BUT some baby bags come with them. and the gymboree blankets because they are perfect swaddling size and super soft. As for carseats, if you want your baby to shop with you, make sure it has a grabby metal things (hook like )on the bottom. Heathers carseat came without one and her little lady will be in the basket.

Heather & Dave said...

Ok, I don't know if I qualify as a "seasoned mother", since Molly is just 7 weeks old, but here are some of my favorite things: #1-Medella double breast pump, if you want to be able to leave your child with someone else, or be on-the-go, this bad boy lets you do so and only takes about 5 minutes to pump and bottle up your goods. I like the Lansinoh breast milk bags too, to freeze and use later. (Works great for me, since I went back to work). #2-Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag- probably NOT one of the most necessary items, but it's ADORABLE! mine is the "fond of flora print" #3-I have the chicco cortina travel system and really like it. I know there are more light-weight carseats out there, but I loved being able to snap the two together and Dave did the consumer reports on it, and I guess it was rated the highest. It doesn't have the grabber things to go onto a Costco shopping cart, but having her in the basket isn't so bad, and she'll sit up in 6 months or so to ride in the front minus the carseat. #4-I too, share Megan's love for the Gymboree soft blankets & any type of sleeping gown is nice for night-time diaper changes, nothing to unsnap and they are JUST ADORABLE!! #5-Lionhart wipes warmer, I don't think the brand really matters, but it has come in really handy...Molly doesn't jump when I use warm wipes on her little baby bummy, whereas when I'm out and about-her eyes get all big when the cold one first hit her cheeks. #6-I have a boppy for feeding Molly, but I would say a normal pillow on your lap would work just as well, sometimes its annoying to put it around your middle. K- I think thats all. I'll let you know if I think of anything else! Shopping and preparing for baby is the best! Molly can't wait to meet you! I miss you!!

Jennifer said...

OK, not to toot my own horn, but I have been in the baby business for the last 5 years straight. I'm sure Jayna has told you pretty much anything that I would tell you. I've had 4 babies and I have to say there are very few things that work for all of them. Here are my constants: lansinoh brand lanolin and breast pads, gerber day and night cloth diapers(you can even make them all fancy like Jayna, but the day and night ones have a thicker middle just in case you have pukey baby), and a Boppy (I get a new one for each baby). Everything else depends on the baby. I do put onesies(white ones mostly) under everything just in case of explosions so they don't get crap on the other clothes as much. If you have a boy I have circumcision advice, but hopefully it's a girl cause circs suck! I like the crib a lot, the only thing is that it doesn't look very easy to lay the baby down. You want to make sure it either has a mattress that raises a lot or has a drop side because it's easier if you don't have to bend way over and wake them up if they are sleeping already. It's super cute though. I do think you should have a baby shower and it wouldn't be a bad idea to have it after the baby is here since you're not finding out. You could just have a diaper shower, as long as people don't get you crappy diapers. There are a lot of things that first-time moms use and get that I think are totally ridiculous and unnecessary, but you may end up liking them, so I won't mention them. Anyway, Jayna is totally right about getting the lightest carseat cause it can get pretty heavy when the wee babe gets not so wee. More advice to come as my brain slowly comes back, although I think my kids have pretty much sucked my brain dry. Good luck with the shopping!

Sarah and Ryan said...

Congratulations!!! I did not even know you were pregnant. We miss you guys down here in the sunny state, but I hope all is well up there in Idaho. You'll have to put some picture of the baby bump on your blog. --Sarah Darby

Tiffany Bindel said...

Cute things. My advise is that you dont need HALF of the crap that you think you need! I was a nanny for lots of kids before I had Zaylin, so luckily I spared myself a lot of grief and expense. The best thing that I bought was a bath seat that looks like a bouncy seat, but it is mesh. That way the baby is submerged, but still supported. I hate those plastic baby baths because they are too hard, and difficult to use. I hate the chairs because kids dont fit into them very well. I used the "bouncy" from the day he was born until 7 months and it was only25 dollars. Totally awsome!
Congrats, and good luck!

Tiffany Bindel said...

BTW.. we have that stroller and love it.. except the umbrella broke the second time we used it- but Matt just Gorilla glued it back on and it has been great ever since then. My friend has an Orbit that was 1100 dollars, and the thing is a TOTAL pain. NOT worth the money!

Diana & CJ said...

I love the crib & furniture. In fact I looked at something similar on:
But decided not to get it because it was out of my price range. However, this same website (which I think you should ck out). Has very similar bedding to the ones you posted. It's worth a look I say. As for strollers & such I haven't used mine yet so I'm in the dark with you when it comes to that stuff. Good luck finding soemthing you like, baby shopping is so fun.

Tiffany Bindel said...

Ok, so the thing with the Orbit is that the seat doesn't fit in a booth, or on top of a high chair, so you cant take it out to dinner. WE go out with them at least once a week, so this is a pain. Zaylin's seat just pops right onto anything, and fits anywhere.. but thiers doesnt. Also, it got damaged somehow- with minimal force that should have not damaged it. You have to purchase the "kid" seat for it when you have already spent 1000 dollars on a stroller. The baby seat is small and your child will grow out of it quicker than the Graco safety seat. Basically, it is a huge waste of money and totally over rated. Stick with the Kidco one!

Laraine said...

People should read this.