Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Well I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! We had a 3 day marathon  event of swimming, baseball, and lots and lots of Barbeque! We also went to our niece's baptism on Saturday which I dont have any pictures from, but it was really sweet. 

Seth and Shelley (Gabes parents) brought Kelsey (Gabes sister) up for some leadership camp thing (and for the baptism!) and they hung out with us for a few days. It was so fun to kick back in the backyard on our NEW patio furniture! We got a sweet deal and ended up snagging a 
swing, 4 chairs, and a fire pit table thing. That night we sat around on it and talked much longer than we should have knowing there was 8 am church the next day! 

Speaking of church...Gabe and I finally got some callings in our ward. Gabe is teaching the 15-18 years olds, and I am teaching the 10-11 year olds. For anyone that knows me, you might be laughing hysterically at this...because you might know how much I HATE this age group more than any other!!! And Im 9 months pregnant, ready to pop...and have nobody to watch my baby 
during primary. It wouldnt be so bad, except there are 10 children in my class...8 of them boys with ADHD. I cant wait. Gabe on the other hand is in his element. Warping young teenage
 minds, doing standup comedy, and offering all kinds of spiritual guidance :) He's great at
 teaching teenagers, like his mother. Its just in his blood.

Kelsey, my mom,  and I went shopping all day yesterday before I dropped her off at her camp. We got her some cute school clothes, and it depressed me beyond measure to know it would still be a few months before I can buy cute jeans again :) She is so fun to hang out with, and it made me miss being 16 and having all those fun high school experiences still up ahead! I cant believe it was 10 years ago for me, it seems like yesterday! 

Anyway, here are a plethora of pictures from the past few days. LOTS AND LOTS of belly pics to document the last days of this blessed pregnancy! *I am dilated to a 1-2 as of last wednesday, and having pretty good contractions. They dont hurt and are really inconsistent -aka braxton hicks, but I hope they are working a little bit! Dr told me the babys head is really low and things looked 'promising' that I might go early! Fingers are CROSSED this baby comes
 sometime in the next week! 


jayna said...

I was scrolling down thru all the pictures and Pooks walks in and looks over at them and casually says: "Well, they all look pretty nice."

So there you have it.

Crandall Family said...

The baby has definitely dropped. You hardly look pregnant anymore! And where is the belly picture I took that shows more of the belly???
I can't wait until he/she arrives!!!

Anna Beal said...

Looks like you guys had way more fun than I even hoped to have. As far as the BBQ thing goes...I'm totally game. Just name the time.

Alisa said...

Okay...seriously, you are so tiny for being 9 months pregnant. I am now aspiring to look like you!

lisa c. said...

I'll just make one comment...you look ridiculously cute and pretty pregnant! I'm still envious of you!! Oh, and you'll have those boys in your primary class whipped into shape in no time!

Jennifer said...

Pregnancy looks very, very good on you. I can't wait to see what this little one is. C'mon cervix, dilate more! Let's get this baby OUT!

Stephanie McGreggor said...

Christy Crandall! You look absolutely gorgeous and I am so excited you're finally about ready to give birth!

My parents were cleaning out my closet over Christmas break and they found a bunch of notes you and I had written to one another, full of boys' code names and Ally McBeal references. Oh, those were the days!

I'm going to be in Boise for a few weeks before I move to Portland, so maybe I can come see you if you're not too busy with baby. Good luck and congratulations! You look fantastic.