Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In loving memory

Moses got run over. I am depressed beyond words for my sweet fluffy kitty who turned out to be a wild feral varmint. I bought him for myself when I moved to San Diego and until I married Gabe he was my little roommate. Even though he peed on everything all the time, and tried valiantly to scratch his way through every screen, he was so adorable you couldnt help but forgive him.

When we moved to Idaho, my parents took him in. We decided to shave off his fur that was horribly mangled, and let him run free outside like he had always dreamed of doing. I have to say, for the past year he really has had the time of his life. Not being fixed...made him very popular with the neighborhood lady cats. In fact, I am positive that this summer there will be quite a few litters of half persian kittens for sale.

I will miss my mangy "Mo".


jayna said...

As one of the people he considered his "pets" I have to say I am really going to miss seeing his furry face in the glass doors. Poor kitty. I'd always rather never know what happened! Don't be too sad...now you will have a baby that will NEED a kitten next summer, just like Grace and Chloe. Maybe your baby will be a cat whisperer like her.

The Cannons said...

I am sorry about sweet baby Moses, he was the craziest cat I have ever seen. By the way your hair has grown a ton since that new picture you posted at the top of your blog.

charlotte said...

oh my goodness, i am so sad to hear about baby mo. i remember babysitting him when he was just a kitten, waking up to him sniffing and kneading me. i loved every minute of it! he was very precious and will be missed. you are also dearly missed!! sd has been in mourning since you left. must get your address!

Emily said...

Sorry to hear the news sweetie.
I hope the upcoming addition will help with the mourning process.
Love You!

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

I LOVED that little scamper...and I have never enjoyed our fellow feline friends as a rule...
I am so sorry Beal family...this day will live on in infamy!
Loves to you both (three??)!

Diana & CJ said...

Aww so sad. Sorry Christy. Moses was a cute name & a cute kitty.

Anonymous said...

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