Monday, November 17, 2008

Amazing Unadvertised Albertsons Deal

This deal works through tuesday (tomorrow!)

Once again...sorry for the coupon post. Mom and I just got back from Albertsons and tried this great deal and it worked! Here is how you do it:
Throw all these items in your cart, then head to the checkout. Separate your items with a bar and do it in 3 different transactions.
1. Buy 10 Marie Calendars frozen meals  they are on sale 2/$4 (Cost is $21.20)
* A $10 dollar off coupon will be handed to you with your receipt
2. Buy 5 boxes of Post cereal they are on sale for $1.99 ea (Cost is $10.45, but use your coupon and your total will be .55 CENTS!)
*When you check out here you will get a $5 gift card coupon
4. Buy a $5 gift card to Albertsons with your coupon 
3. Next buy one sara lee pie and get one free. Also buy one breyer ice cream and get one free. (Cost is $6.78, but use your gift card and total will be $1.78)

So overall you receive 10 frozen dinners, 5 boxes of cereal, 2 ice creams, and 2 pies for a grand total of...$23.53

Without ANY coupons  this would have cost you $72.17! 

AMAZING!!! If any of you ever stumble on these fun deals id love to know! Ive been addicted to bargain grocery shopping for a little while now ever since seeing the coupon mom on oprah! 


Maren said...

I'm a little bit concerned for you. Just a little. The Christy I knew didn't do coupons :)

bob said...

Just got back from albertsons, worked like a charm...except I think that our checker got recruited from the Walmart welcoming crew so every time I completed a transaction she was like, "Okay have a good night" and then got really confused when she saw there was still stuff to buy on the rotating counter and I was the only person there. I had to talk her through it a bit, and the whole five dollar gift card for free blew her mind but with the help of the checker next door we made it through! Now I think I will have a bowl of ice cream :)

Heather Wheeler said...

Christy- We need to hang out. I am way into the coupon thing too. Last week I spent $150 and saved $1600. Amazing. Isn't it addicting?!!

Amanda said...

you better believe I will be at Albertsons tomorrow

Anna Beal said...

We went an partook of your FABULOUS deal yesterday! Worked like a charm...only I don't think the guy behind me liked me too much. You should create a seperate blog for these fabulous deals you keep finding. If not, keep me posted on them.

Amanda said...

I just have to tell you.... I felt like I was stealing from them. and the checkout lady watched the whole thing unfold and at the end she said, "How in the world did you do that?!"
I got a good giggle out of it.

megan&steve said...

Wow, what a bargin. I was really glad you posted about the Opera book- I ordered mine & its on its way!! YAY!

Soledad said...

Thanks Christie, I love to get deals like these... keep it up and I too will post deals I discover. Thanks, my whole family is loving the free ice cream...and cereals...