Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And now you know...!

My cute friend Chelsey McFarland did this fun photo tag and had me play along. And just in case you ever wondered how BAD of a housekeeper I am....Now you know! (the rules were to snap pictures of these things without ANY touching up of sorts. No cleaning, straightening, etc.) Im pretty embarrassed - ESPECIALLY of my kitchen sink! This is a fun tag though. I want you ALL to do it!

1. The Laundry Room: Notice that it needs both started AND unloaded. Yeah...Laundry is  not my favorite!

2. My Closet: Although this may very well be my favorite place in the house, It is in severe need of a makeover. My poor jeans :(

4. Self Portrait: I have no comment. Other than my pony tail has taken on a semipolygamist looking uni-curl. 

5. The Kitchen sink. GROSS! Gabe...I need a maid for my birthday!

6. My fridge.  Honestly, my love of condiments is a tad bit overwhelming! *And please take note of the orange pitcher on the door. And the white plastic spoon my husband insists on keeping in it. Many a battle over that one....

7. Fave pair of Shoes: These babies have been good to me. They have carried me through San diego, New York, Paris, and countless times through the Boise Mall. And yes, I bought them on Ebay. 
8. What my baby is doing right now: Hoping Ill come change her diaper and get her dressed for the day!
9. Master Bathroom. This is pretty bad...but not as bad as it is some days! Poor Brigitte has to sit in her swing every morning waiting for me to get ready. Im lucky she likes the sound of the blowdryer mingled with sounds of the Gilmore Girls! (there is a little tv up in the corner facing the tub...my sanctaury :)

10. My favorite room in the house: The Library. Probably because it stays relatively clean!

* This is a fun tag so we can all see the rooms you live in! DO IT! Especially Jayna Haws, Julia Robinson, Mitzi Cannon, Anna Beal, Sherry Crandall, Emily Berthelson, Kelly Woodland, Krystle Montgomery, Nichole Smith, Courtney Brown, and Jamie Walton!!!!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

YAY! So glad you did and can I just say that I LOVE your house. It is absolutely gorgeous! And not even the slightest bit messy. Give yourself a little credit ... you just had a baby Ü
BTW I knew you would come up with some fab shoes ...my type of girl!

Jamie said...

Darn it! I was going to pretend I am very tidy and skip this one... But you specifically tagged me, so I will go snap photos now. Shamefaced and slightly sheepishly. ;)

Emily said...


I'm NOT doing this! I'll have to re clean everything first!

Scott & Denise said...

Ok Christy, Might I say I'm half tempted to do this on my blog, since I have nothing to blog about. Maybe I'll do a before and after on Thursday (my maid comes...:) And if Gabe lets you get one, I'll give you their number, they are very affordable! But I really think your house looks great! But maids rock! Nothing like getting it all done at once. And I still blame you for my love of having one after that simply FABULOUS baby shower gift you gave me, no I still unfortunately for Scott never forgot it!

Diana & CJ said...

Gosh you guys sure have lots of left-overs in the fridge. I did post up some very embrassing photos of my self twice now so I guess I could do this too. I'm sure I'll top you for sure. My joint, is no joke. I only clean like once a week, & that isn't always a deep clean it usually only contists of vacumming & washing the dishes.