Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've said it a million times!

*This is an actual photo of the items I went and got tonight. With Gabe.*


Apparently there was a large class action lawsuit against a list of major department stores, and the settlement is requiring they hand out $175 million dollars worth of free cosmetics to the public. Here is a link to view the participating stores, and the list of items they are giving away. Limit ONE per person (per store). While supplies last - so HURRY! (and take your husband!)


Julia & Darren said...

Wait I totally want to go get free stuff! But I don't have any receipts showing I bought this stuff, so they require proof or do you just show up and ask about it?! I currently have some of the products, just no receipts.

The Beals said...


Soledad said...

So what did you do? just tell them you are there for the cosmetic settlement? I am confused! And you know my poor face is screaming for make-up/cosmetics! Let me know s'il te plait! (please)

Sherry Bobbins said...

I went and got a free $40 product!
Thanks for the tip!!! The lines were not that long at Macy's.

Soledad said...

So I finally went Friday night. Macy's had only 2 items available, and Dillards had only 1. Thanks for sharing, I wish I would have gone Monday for more variety! Love your super discoveries, how do you do it? Thank you Thank you! By the way your baby is gorgeous, looks like you have tons of fun dressing her up.