Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the air

My poor husband had to work on Saturday (seriously LAME) so we celebrated Valentines on Friday night. I had a certificate to the Kodiak Grill and since Gabe is a steak junkie I made the ultimate romantic sacrifice (goodbye fondue...) and we went there for dinner. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! PHENOMENAL food, and really kinda fun! Its a bit out of the way (past Lucky Peak about 10 minutes) and it looks a tad like a double wide trailer rolled into the mountain side...but its a great little hole in the wall. The portions are HUGE. The desserts DIVINE. I highly recommend the bread pudding. Anyway, we came home stuffed from dinner and I ran the babysitter home. (This was our first time ever leaving Brigitte with a non-family member. It was SO strange to be the parent paying the sitter....) Anyway, when I got home I walked into the house and there chillin in the dining room - was a new beach cruiser bike!!! Complete with a balloon tied to the handlebars! Sneaky Gabe was sitting on the stairs holding Brigitte and the camcorder having a good laugh at my shock. What a Babe.

And then we made our way upstairs to see what Cupid had left Brigitte and this is what we found:

A Johnny Jumper! Now Brigitte can Kick Kick her tiny legs while Im blogging.  Brilliant! Way to go Super Dad. And thanks for the BEST Valentines Day Ever!

Super Grammy also brought Brigitte a Valentines Dress. We haven't tried it on yet...but we are hoping her chubby baby rolls will squeeze into it. Because it is the CUTEST dress ever! Also, the balloon tied to the gift bag was MOST popular! Thanks Mom!

Hope you all had a LUVLY Lovers Day!


Sherry Bobbins said...

I love your bike!!!
now we can cruise around together. You ride on over anytime and we'll go riding - from my house of course- maybe around the block or something.

Mitzi said...

I'm so jealous about your bike. I want a beach cruiser. Well I have one that's like a million years old but um ya totally jealous. That's awesome.

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

I LOVE your bike, but I have to say that Brigitte's V-day Dress is WAAAAY better :o)
I am crazy, as you know, so I actually made Matt go with me to Naartje and baby Gap on Valentine's Day Evening to help me "decide" which sex of baby we are going to have based on the cuteness of the clothing in the stores. Girl-Baby clothes won...hands down.