Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to ME!

We had the best day hanging out with my family BBQing in the backyard and enjoying all our kids. For some reason I was irrationally emotional - I still just cant BELIEVE that Brigitte is MY daughter!! We are so lucky to have been able to have a baby, and she is so spicy and delightful, and we wouldnt know what to do without her! We put up a swing in the backyard and our little adrenaline junkie LOVES to go as high as you can throw her! She squeals with sheer joy!

Gabes dreams of turning our daughter into a football lover are slowly coming true... here she is in her classic TOUCHDOWN pose!

Speaking of dreams and wishful are our husbands dueling over a dunk contest. Gabe has an ongoing affair with our basketball hoop and spends most of his nights out there in the driveway!

My own mother takes the cake for best provider, nurturer, supporter,
 cheerleader, shopper, and food maker.... so I had some big shoes to fill. And my sister who is slightly Mary Poppins ("Practically perfect in every way" for those of you who had seen the movie as much as I have!) also left a tough act to follow. And believe me, I fail in comparison to both those ladies. Here is our sort of scary group shot. please ignore my creepy face.

Brigitte has almost made it to her first birthday so I consider myself a parenting success! She can say Mama, Dada, and No No No (which is hilarious and so cute!) She can crawl herself into every nook and cranny. She can grab a bite off her tray and hold it in her fist while she sucks her thumb all the while confused about why it didnt make it to her mouth! And best of all, she will let me hold her and snuggle her when she is tired or just ate a big meal! We adore her. And she has been the best gift and biggest blessing we have ever been lucky enough to receive!

And for my sweet husband who bought me the high chair Ive always wanted....along with a card that read: "Im sorry I cant give you a million dollars...but you can have my sexy body". I love you! (Hes just so thoughtful. ) Im glad I have him to make me laugh everyday and keep me on my parenting A-game. Brigitte is obsessed with her daddy, and he spoils her wonderfully! Here he is working on that 'sexy body' he mentioned... the best part is Tylers face aglow with admirable awe.

My almost sister in law kallie stayed up all hours of the night to sew these retro 40s aprons from old man shirts (SUH A CUTE IDEA!) And we wore them around the backyard all day. She gets the gold medal for mom-in-training for sure. Shes my go to babysitter and just the most gorgeous girl inside and out I have ever met. Thanks Kallie!!

So happy Mothers day to all you hard working baby mamas out there. If I had any idea how hard it was going to be...I might have been a better behaved child myself :) Kudos to my mom who still looks and acts 17 despite the fact that I aged her soul prematurely :) Thanks for not giving up on me when I was a rabid teenager with crazy independence and control issues. When Brigitte starts phasing into that behavior im sending her to live with you!

My friend Di sent me this Mothers day video and it was hilarious! I died laughing at it!!! Im sure she sent it to a bunch of you, but just in case you missed it here it is! 


Vehar Family said...

All of these pictures are adorable and I especially LOVE your new header!!! It made us smile =)

Jana said...

I love the adjective 'spicy'! And that picture with the football is too cute.

Mimi said...

Just came from Jana's the pics of you three with your little ones.

I love the new header as well... I thought it was an actual picture of you until I looked closer! There is no mistaking Brad Pitt, or the Gerber baby... but you could give her a run for her money!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Bournes said...

That video is pretty hilarious! Funny to think there is such an award...unfortunately I know because my aunt won it and won't ever let me forget it. I wouldn't doubt for a second that you would run a tight race against any mother...just don't let it leak that you pierced her ears as a baby...jokes :) I love your blog revamp...very stylish! And I must say your little girl is so smilie and darling!

Anna Beal said...

I love it when you post the "goings on" in your home. We may live close, but we never know whats going on in your lives! Love the pics...especially the touchdown one! Is she really almost 1???? Wow! Time flies!

Designing Woman said...

After reading/viewing this post I acutally feel like I'm in Idaho! I mean I feel like I may have visited you for the weekend or something with what a descriptive post of all the activities this was....well done. I loved it!

PS: I'm sure you're an amazing mother! But I know what you mean. I'm sure glad i'm oldest so I don't have to try and compete with my little sister's mothering skills, because she is going to be amazing.