Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why I married Gabe

For those of you who haven't yet fallen victim to the charms of my crowd-pleasing husband....feast your eyes upon this little gem of a video. (I am so glad I married a man with an overabundance of social confidence. It balances out my mellow, demure, non-attention seeking personality!)

And yes...that is the MC urging Gabe to start by 'taking off his shirt...and nothing else'. It was like he KNEW Gabe personally!

Why you ask, were we in some sort of Karaoke establishment? Well we went to dinner with our friends and wouldnt you know it, the Kodiak Grill busted out an open mic. Some call that a travesty.... We called it Lucky. For Gabe knows no fears of an unattended microphone.

A few hoots and hollers later, Gabe was fighting the urge to bust some serious hip moves for the grand finale. Fortunately, the song ended and we were able to flee with our virtue intact.

All in all, we called it a successful outing. Hey Jared, Myca, Adam, Amy, Brandon, and Amber....thanks for still being our friends.


Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

Wow! He has the voice of an angel!
So fun!!!

The Cannons said...

Okay that was seriously funny.

Brandon & Amber said...

We are ready for that to be a weekly outing! Thanks for the show Gabe!

Designing Woman said...

Glad to see that Gabe hasn't changed since the move to Idaho :) And we would love to have you guys come down to SD and seranade us! We "have" to go to Maui June 16-22 so we would prefer you to work around our schedule and come after that. Because we both know you're really just coming to see The Montgomery's :) Also It just hit me and I got really excited at the thought of getting to meet Brigitte! Yes!

kkrich said...

i sure miss gabes antics.

erin said...

oh gabe!!!!
HE hasnt changed...which is a good thing. Christy i love that you guys are married. When I heard you guys were dating I SMILED EAR TO EAR. I was pulling for you guys the whole time. And now look .... singing for tips (as the pitcher says)and have a baby. I love it!!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome!

Shelley said...

Wow Gabe! Those were some impressive hip thrusts! ;) -Gotta love what Kareoke does to people!