Saturday, October 17, 2009

For Gabe

My poor husband. Seriously. Gabe, Im sorry. Your birthday was over 2 weeks ago, and here I am just barely getting around to celebrating you. Although, you must believe me- that in my heart I have been full of noble, wiferly feelings towards you this whole time, whilst anticipating  this very post.

And Sarah, if you read this, yes I copied you. But the shout out negates any wrongdoing on my part, so i consider myself absolved from any blogger sins. 

So without further ado: 33 stunning amazing possibly terrifying things about my 33 year old Hubby:

1. Gabe Beal - say it 5 times fast and tell me what YOU hear? Gotta love your name, it truly IS one of a kind.
2. When I met you and you introduced yourself all I could hear was 'farm' and 'Arco' before my brain shut off. But now - well, its gotta be the best most wholesome thing about you. I love a boy who can do manly outdoor activities in coveralls. Mostly because it means I dont have to do them!
3. It never ceases to amaze me that you can stand to brand cows and clip their horns -- but the slightest movement from a cat and you freeze in terror.
4. I've never met anyone that takes a mid-meal nap before - eat, rest, eat more. I like it.
5. I never knew that bringing a People magazine on our date to the Baseball game would fill you with so much rage. But honey, you knew I wasn't a man when you married me...
6. Thank goodness you like to travel. Even if it is to a town called Letha on a sunday night.
7. I appreciated that as a bachelor you enjoyed decorating your condo for the holidays. Very festive!
8. You had some pretty crazy boyfriends. I cant believe I ate out of the same pistachio jar as jeremy. I shudder.
9. Ive never met a person who knew such huge amounts of random sports trivia..but at the same time believed "Independency" to be a real word. Such as "I love my independency too much to get married"
10. You love football so much that I could cry. And often do...
11. I appreciate your love of good celebrity gossip.
12. Flexing. You love it. I think you think that I love it too. And other people.
13. You have never received a gift I have given you appropriately. There is no big thank you, i love it, you shouldn't have. There is a lot of I dont need this, this is gay, and why would i want that? And thus, you now know why you took yourself to Lowes and bought yourself a drill this year. You're welcome.
14. You love me even though I am a heartless, cold, unfeeling woman who hates being touched during sacrament meeting.
15. You keep Gandolfos in business, and I love that I can always bribe you with those sandwiches to take me on a lunch date!
16.  Even though you hated our honeymoon in Paris, you 'toughed it out' for me. merci
17.  Maybe my most favorite thing about you is the fact that you are not tight with money. If someone needs something, you get it for them. And when that someone is me, needing new jeans, well - you do what you have to do!
18. Im glad you like kids, especially our kid who looks and acts just like you. I think you love her more than me, which is just right!
19. I am very impressed with your teaching skills. The SS kids love you. (Clearly it is not based on your spelling)
20. Im glad you are handy with tools and can always hang a picture straight, or a huge 200 pound tv. whatever the job calls for.
21. You can stuff a crock pot on sunday like nobodies business. Even though I am always willing to cook you a frozen pizza.
22. Your calves ARE amazing. Even if Harts thighs give them a run for their money.
23. I appreciate that you care about having a Tan. Nothing makes me happier than seeing your swim trunks rolled up pool-side as high as they can go!
24. Im glad you almost married like, everyone I know. It makes for some great stories around the blog world, and who are we kidding - around my dinner table. Im glad you and my brother in law shared a common bond of being rejected by the same girl. what were the odds?
25. You take such great care of the hair you have left. As you explained to me - they are your sheep. You know them each by name.
26. Im pretty sure your favorite dessert is peach pie.
27.  Remember the time when our relationship nearly ended over "divorce chili" and the infamous cranberry sauce? Im still boycotting thanksgiving and all its evils.
28. You are weak sauce when it comes to our daughter. One peep and shes in our bed saying "hi mama, dada, baybee!" Her shoes also cost more than mine.
29. You + Mountain Dew = me ticked
30. I think it is hilarious that you will only watch certain movies during particular seasons of the year. For example, a few months ago I suggested watching "Rudy" to which you replied, "no, its not cold enough outside yet."
31. Your mother is the most hysterical woman I have ever met. You remind me of her every day when you shout out "oh my LANDS!" I still have no idea what that even means. Just a classic Beal term.
32. Thank you for teaching our daughter words like "TOUCHDOWN" and "AIRPLANE". I was going more for words like "PRETTY!" and "Shopping" but oh well.
33. You are the handsomest devil I know. And I know you agree :)

Love you,
wife + 2 kids

Gabes Life in Pictures:

You were born. Ahh cute.

You grew up feral on a farm

You learned early on to survive life in a big family (thats YOU in the dump truck)

In no time at all you had wooed the town of Arco, and some of its finest citizens. All hail the Prom King.

You served a faithful mission to the Canary Islands. (although some swear this is where you started to become 'worldy')

And when you got home, you began your marvelous 9 year stretch as the world's most eligible bachelor. Deep bromances were formed:

Quality time was spent "soul searching"

There were victories to celebrate...

Trips were taken....

And MORE trips (remember this was 9 whole years!)

Until came upon the new girl at FHE and KNEW you could " maybe one day somehow kinda love her." (yes, that is an actual quote from somewhere around the 2 week mark in our relationship)

You charmed her with your awesome muscles and even more awesome fashion choices


And so, after months of dedication and finally married the girl of your dreams. 

You had a dream wedding... and lived happily ever after:

For 1 year.

And then came Brigitte. And you realized that once were in love.

You are thrilled to have a child that looks exactly like you.

And you have taught her some very bad habits that we are STILL trying to break...

But all in all, you are a very good Daddy. Who would do ANYTHING for his girls!

And you have the most Grateful wife EVER!
Happy Birthday Gabe



erin said...

WHY did I laugh through this entire post???? Cause its just down right funny. I loved every fact and I cannot say enough how HAPPY I am you guys are married. It makes me smile!

Happy Birthday Gabe!

tyler said...

Hilarious. But let's set the record straight regarding point #24...Gabe was rejected; I was not.

tyler said...
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megan&steve said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Gabe. You have a great & creative wife. Go grab her some Maverick bread, she deserves it.

Nichole said...

Did I know that him and Justin served the same mission? But not at all at the same time. Sorry Gabe, you are old ")

Amber said...

I absolutely loved reading this post. Your hubby sounds like such a funny guy. I'm glad you guys fpund each other! Happy belated birthday Gabe.

Caroline said...

you 2 are so cute!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

CHRISTY! Can I just tell you how much your comments totally make my day! You are so SWEET! And despite the bummed out feeling that I've had about not having a girl...your comment totally made me excited to have a little mommma's boy :)

This post is super cute. Gabe is sure lucky to have such a great wife!
Happy Belated Birthday Gabe - from the girl in the bagel shop :)

Designing Woman said...

I must say...I laughed SO hard about Gabe and his little lost sheep, that I literally cried. Brett smiled. Then he turned and laughed at how hard I was laugh/crying. Oh, my goodness. This was a good time. Also, the "bromance" comment was totally classic. Gotta love the "team".

Myca said...

You know what is really funny about Gabe being a bachelor for 9 years...he randomly went on a blind date with the sister of the girl who is now your neighbor. How random is that!? Have I ever told you that?

jayna said...

Gabe-r, for your birthday consideration, I will picture you drowning naked like a young Cary Grant without even being asked to.

Maren said...

Hilarious. Especially the "bromances." I must say that sometimes I reminisce about the days in the La Jolla Ward and remember how Ben and Gabe spent WAY too much time together. And I think you are right to shudder about anything that involved being within arm's reach of Jeremy.

Darcie said...

Did I read correctly?.... YOU suggested to watch Rudy??? I'm not sure I know who you are anymore, Christy. You must really love shepherd man. Gabe- we love you too! Ben might cry when he sees this blog post. Don't be surprised if he drives his motorcycle to your place and shows up on your doorstep some random day. Happy Birthday.

Mitzi said...

You are hilarious and I too agree that Rudy should only be watched in the fall.

Mimi said...

Wow!!! Fancy post lady! You are such a good wifey.

So I love #27- maybe I shouldn't, but we totally have a similar story with "soup in the sink."

Gotta love how food can turn you against the one you love.

Gubler family said...

you don't know me, but i ended up on your blog by accident and realized i knew gabe in college. i was roommates with whitney white and she and gabe were friends. we once stole every left shoe he owned and laughed as he chased us around town in 2 right shoes. don't know why i remember that. but the real reason i wanted to comment is b/c i noticed you post on discount queens. i love that site! so thanks for all the hardwork you girls do! small world. (and seriously, i'm not a crazy person)

Gubler family said...

wow, an author? i don't know if i would know how to do that. i'm kinda new to all this couponing stuff, but i love it! my success is mostly due to girls like you who take the time to inform others. i've always wondered how you guys find out about these deals. i'd totally be interested in finding out more though. also, i live in washington and i believe you girls all live in boise, right?

Sherry Bobbins said...

Oh, that is so sweet!!!