Sunday, December 13, 2009


Last night I started to crave Boneless Buffalo Wings. And Blue Cheese dressing of course. I havent had many strong, get me this NOW impulses....until recently! My poor husband had to take me on a date to the Wild Wings center at 9 last night.  We got Brigitte all bundled up and my mouth was watering as we pulled into the parking lot.

It looked crowded, and yet....all I could think about was getting me some spicy wings! I opened the door and was overwhelmed by the huge tvs, noise, and disgusting beer smell that was so potent I nearly died. We hesitantly walked over to the host and he explained that the Ultimate Fight was on, and it was a 2.5 hour wait!!!!

WHAT? Now I know some of you my sweet friends have strong love feelings for watching 'the fights' on TV and making a fun night out of it. And although I dont get the appeal myself, I completely respect that you like it. Now. With that said. I CANNOT allow you to all assemble and crowd the one and only Buffalo wing joint near my home!!!!!!

I was so desperate for them that poor Gabe drove me to Chilis where I scarfed down about 10 deep friend spicy little delicious bites of heaven! I fell asleep blissfully battling the heartburn that was all too welcome for such a treat.

And then I woke up this morning. CRAVING those DARN Buffalo Wings. And its SUNDAY! So no going out. Whats a pregnant girl to do? Whip up a batch from scratch of course! I had no idea how to make these, so it was purely miraculous. They were delicious, and way more economical than going out! I hope making these at home will save me some late night outings AND some money!

Dont judge me...but I just finished off the a third batch. Yes, dinner, breakfast, and then dinner again. ALL Buffalo wings. Im just glad this is one craving Gabe is more than happy to indulge in with me! In my pregnancy with Brigitte around this time I had to have spicy Indian food and he almost killed himself. Im sensing a theme with this spicy sure its a girl!

So tell me, what were YOUR cravings? I think it is SO fun to hear about peoples weird pregnancy induced must- haves. Im just thankful I outgrew the deviled eggs and tang phase. THAT was weird.

And in case any of you love me enough to gain 10 pounds of sympathy was the recipe I whipped up for homemade boneless Spicy Buffalo wings:

2-3 chicken breasts (dethawed and cut into chicken nugget sized bites)
2 eggs (beaten, salted, and peppered)
1 cup of flour salted and peppered, in a large ziploc baggie
Oil for frying
1/2 stick of melted butter
1 1/2 cup of hot sauce (I used some random mexican hot sauce - I dont think it matters what kind)
1 tablespoon vinegar

1. Heat oil on med/high heat
2. Place raw chicken bites in egg mixture. Let sit 10 minutes.
3. Throw chicken into ziploc baggie and shake until well coated
4. Fry 5-6 bites at a time until golden brown and crispy looking
5. Place in oven safe dish
6. Pour sauce over fried chicken and roll around until well coated
7. Cover with foil and bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes
8. Let stand 10-20 minutes before eating
9. Dip in ranch or blue cheese dressing!!
10. Take tums or Zantac
11. Pass out in greasy food coma

And yes. I am showing now. A full, legit, baby belly. Thanks a lot Buffalo Wings. And people didnt believe me when I told them I was a 40 pound weight gainer! HA!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

YAY!! I want a belly post!! Can't wait to see your little bump!

I haven't had any weird cravings at all. And when I do get cravings they only last for like 2 weeks ... like I'll eat nothing but yogurt for 2 weeks and then I get so sick of it that I can't even stand the thought of it Ü

It is funny how cravings are so individualized b/c hot wings sound so disgusting to me right now Ü

Nichole said...

I can't wait to see you! Call me! I didn't have cravings, just things that sounded terrible. Like anything with tomato sauce was a definite no.

Julia & Darren said...

At first when I was pregnant I craved cucumbers and salad. Then it moved to sour candy (which I normally hate) and finally McDonald's chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce! Whenever nothing sounded good I could always handle my own ten piece combo! LOL sick... Now I can't eat 3.

Mitzi said...

I don't get pregnancy cravings. I always want sugar pregnant or no and I become obsessed with certain foods at times pregnant or no. I'm really boring in that department. Christy I'm sorry to tell you this but you are NOT showing. You are indeed a crazy person.

the Allers said...

I get stuck on an item for a few weeks, and then move on. For example - this week is clementine oranges (I think I ate 2 lbs of them yesterday), and chili dogs. How white trash is that? Ug. A few weeks ago, I'd have given away my first born for there you go.

amy said...

love the story! pregnancy cravings are REAL. anyone who says otherwise has NEVER been pregnant! Mine were all disgusting double cheeseburgers from McDonalds or bean burritos from Taco Bell. I would have to have them at least twice a week. sick! I also really craved soda with the last pregnancy. one night i made aaron go to jack in the box to get me a large root beer & a breakfast jack. what's up with all the fast food cravings??

Anna Beal said...

I've been indulging myself in some greasy totinos pizza rolls! I do not need to add to it :)