Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nursery Ideas?

I swear I never had 'nesting' instincts when I was pregnant with Brigitte. Shopping instincts, not so much.

But boy oh boy - this time around I feel so energetic that I can hardly shut my brain off at night when I think about all I need to do, clean, organize, and buy the next day! It has motivated me to finally (& shamefully) start finishing Brigitte's room so I can weed out all the little reuseable baby things for brother.

Brigitte's room is coming along nicely, I just need to find a CUTE chair for her room, and get everything put where I want it :) We transitioned her to a big girl bed, and its pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. She's done great sleeping in it too, she thinks its lovely and especially enjoys the fancy pink bed spread Grammy & Pop bought for her. Pictures to come....

So on to my current quandary : Operation Boy Room. I can hardly believe Im having a boy. The only boy I know is Gabe...and im not about to decorate a room out of ugly Redskins football paraphernalia (sorry husband, Im a real heartbreaker). So it bodes well to ask the question: what does one DO to turn a space into a boy appropriate dwelling? I know not.

I do know that I have a fear of 'baby rooms'. As you may recall, Brigitte's digs were akin to Art Deco hotel furnishings... and it took me a year to even get her wallpaper up. There will be no Dora lamps. And No Princess murals. And likewise, this Boy will have to abide by my no-ugly room policy. I just can't tolerate cartoon airplanes, primary colors, or gasp - a 'themed' room. I know you all agree with me, im just stating the obvious.

So tell me, all my gifted decorator friends - what do I do? What have you seen around that you thought "oh what a good idea"? I have an adorable room completely ready for a makeover. Hit me with your best sources. (pictures are even better). Im open to anything cute, modern, and especially different.

I cant pick a color. I cant pick a style.  HELP !! Here are a few I like. Tell me if they make you barf  ;)

(Obviously I wouldnt have a pink floor. And I would do away with the matchy animals. But browns, blues and yellow???? maybe...)

Dont ask me what that moose-like thing on the wall is. And not even I would put a girl in this room. What is that pink coat doing?

yup - this was Tori Spellings nursery in one of her houses.


Amanda said...

I am excited to see the comments people leave for you! I am one of the most creatively challenged people you will ever meet. But I couldn't agree more with the airplanes and trains stuff. I can't stand clothes with Pooh or any other little creature on them. Cody's bedding set is and airplane one but I just turned the bumper around so you cant see it :) All his clothes came from Marshalls and Ross! GREAT name brand boy clothes there for the same price you buy Carters at Target. We put a fish tank in Cody's room, thats a theme-y as we got. My furniture is black and then everthing else is light green and all shades of blue. Worked for us. I am excited to see what you end up doing.
Also, I totally got bit by the nesting bug on this one too! My house is clean and ready to go every night before I go to bed just in case and I lay in bed and think about things I could possibly be forgetting. I want this baby out of me! I'm afraid that because I am SO ready for this one he wont come for a long time and since I was SO NOT READY for Cody, he came 2 weeks early just to show me he was boss from the beginning. :)

Sorry for the novel.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I like the zebra striped chair in the first one. I think that you could do a very classy room in black and white with baby blue accents. I wanna redo mine now!! :)
And I TOTALLY agree about themed rooms, it's never gonna happen at this house either!!
You need to post pics of Brigitte's new room!

jayna said...

What about zebra stripes as a theme-less base idea? In a modern look. I like it!

Tiffany said...

Congrats on having a boy!! me and we could go on for hours about the whole "decorating a kid's room without it being hideous" thing. I am embarassed now that I saw that you already moved Brig into a big girl bed- I am in the process of doing that for Zaylin right now. So, GOOD luck with the whole boy room thing. I seriously have searched high and low from Neiman's to Marshalls to find NOTHING that is cute for a "big boy." I finally arrived on a stripe that is OK, but I am not doing cartwheels over it like I wish I were for the price I am paying. My problem is, I hate blue. Good luck with that and a boy. I only like celadon, or like pale blues, and I already did that in his nursery. Totally over it. Which, by the way if you like, you may help yourself to my bedding! I wanted something bright, but anything cute has hot pink in it. It's truly impossible. That said, I like the Tori's nursery the best. I am doing gold, tangerine, and turquoise in Zaylin's room, so perhaps that's why I like it. It's bright and fun. Anyway, also I have been selling Zaylin's clothes to try and raise some capital for our household and I came across a bunch of really cute clothes that are new with tags, due to the fact that I bought way to much too soon and he skipped sizes quite a bit. So if you are interested, let me know. I think they are all Gap and Janie and Jack. Happy Decorating!

Sherry Bobbins said...

I think the orange wallpaper/or painted wall in there would be totally cute and match your cute chair you already have :) I've been sewing burp cloths like crazy so don't buy any :)

Mitzi said...

I am so bad at decorating. I haven't done anything with Corbin's room whatsoever and his bedspread is super heroes. Gag. Sorry no ideas here but like I said I can sew your baby bumpers if you ever decide on a theme or non theme I mean.

Darcie said...

um... so i'm finally back to checking blogs. i've been out of the loop for so long and i've missed you and your hilarious posts! i wish we lived in the same neighborhood so i could come do nursery planning with you! here are a couple links to my friend's nursery. it is just a little themed, but i like how she made it her own and used some great pieces (the crib and the window picture frame).

Allison Bonner said...

well, funny thing...i decorated Macias's room in denver broncos, so it was football and a theme room,'s totally cute. it's all in how you do it. mine was very subtle on the actual paraphernalia and more on an abstract interpretation (except for the actual 'BRONCOS' letters). ask jayna, she'll back me up. i used the two team colors and used different shades and included some pictures of us in denver at a game converted in to canvas art. anyway, here is a link to my blog with pictures. don't be too harsh.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

I will have to email you a few links. We just did thick horizontal stripes on one wall in our basement. brody's room right now is light blues, browns and creams, and I have a zebra bumper for him. After reading your post, I think you would like it.
P.S. I hearted Tori's entire old house, why did they ever move! Also- I have a cute chair idea for Brigittes room, what color?

Shelley said...

Check out Restoration Hardware Baby! It's my very favorite. Its the only place I could find what I needed for Noah's room. Check the boy area.
Adorable! :)