Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Post: Thank you Caroline!

Here is my cute custom bedding from Gabe picked out the fabric himself (apparently my choice of black and lime green geometric patterns was too "girly") and I have to say - I LOVE IT! Its hard to see from the pictures, but those are birds on the blanket.

Our bare need of some art work! (JAYNA GET TO WORKING!)

My sister in law Kallie (along with her team of supporters: Pam, Megan, Addie, Amy, Jayna, and my Mom!) is throwing my baby shower this weekend - and its going to be an EXTRAVAGANZA! Im so excited to see all the tricks shes been keeping up her sleeve! Its a Beatles theme - which I gotta say - I am so excited about! This is what my invites looked like (for all my out of towner friends who love me enough to care about this sort of thing...)

Yes...Im keeping my obsession alive and hoping to pass it along to my offspring :) It was just so easy because I already had the life-sized cut outs, British flag, and infinite amount of posters, records, and general Beatles supplies. Plus, Boy parties are tricky. Its the best i could do with a theme!

And speaking of British things.....I just need to give a huge Thank you to my friend Caroline in England who sent me the BEST surprise ever - these adorable soft snuggly baby sleepers. Brigitte LIVED in hers (and ruined them too!) so i was soooo thankful for them! Caroline you are TOO generous and sweet! And to top it off - she sent a fantastic Kipper book for Brigitte, and it now comes with us everywhere because she will actually sit and "read" it! Which just means she points at the dogs on each page and excitedly shouts out FOOF FOOFS!! which means DOGS! She loves it. THANK YOU!!!!! That was the BEST surprise in the mail ever!

Im feeling pretty prepared. My house is even clean right now because the Beals are coming to stay with us for the weekend! Mitzi is blessing her baby on Sunday and its Keaton and Kelseys birthday on saturday, not to mention that Kelsey is performing in a sweet concert- so there will be celebrating all around. Its just a great time to be me right now! he he. Puffy face and all :) Thanks for your support everyone - and for helping me get ready and excited for the boy to arrive! I cant wait to post pictures from the baby shower....stay tuned!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I LOVE the crib bedding! This baby will be sleeping in style!! :)

I so, so, SO hope I can make it to your shower! I am meeting with a professor for preparation for my upcoming orals exam (YIKES!! Pray for me Ü) ... so I may be a little late to the shower - but I've got to come so you can meet little Jaxton!

p.s. I loved the shower invites! SUPER creative!

megan&steve said...

You totally look prepared & will be spoiled this weekend at the baby shower.
Great nursery and way to go party planners!! wish I could be there.

Designing Woman said...

There are so many cute thing happening with the post. The bedding is super cute. And the invite is pretty much the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Love it all!!!

Caroline said...

hi Christie, glad the parcel arrived safely! I was going to email you about it, but thought it would be a nice surprise! Glad the Kipper book went down well too, my 3 love them! Enjoy your baby shower! Maybe you should call him Mack after Sir McCartney?!?

Tiffany said...

VERY cute bedding. I love it!

Anna Beal said...

Such a fun shower Christy. Your sister in law did an AMAZING job. And I love the new bedding!

Vehar Family said...

Too cute! It looks like you're ready for Baby Boy Beal!