Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sooo I bet you thought this blog post was going to be about drinking alcohol. No?

Well, don't worry Shelley. The Budweiser is still just for cooking :)

But we did get smashed last night. Can you feel my neck pain? We were heading to drop off the kids at my sister-in-laws house so we could do a sealing session at the temple. We made it about 2 miles from the house when we ended up sitting in backed up traffic. We were sitting there talking when all of a sudden we heard this hideous screeching sound - followed by a HUGE SMASH. And then the kids started bawling and we realized that we had been rear ended.

Thankfully nobody was seriously injured. A 19 year old kid had looked down to make a phone call and when he looked up - realized that traffic had stopped. He tried to stop and swerve out of the way, but his truck plowed right into us. I felt really bad for him - it scared him pretty good. He called his mom and she came down and we all stood there by our smashed cars waiting for a police officer to show. They were really nice and eventually it came out that we were on our way to the temple, and then we found out that they were LDS too - in fact it was the Bishops son that hit us! Its a small small world.

We filed our reports and headed home, realizing that we were extremely lucky that nobody had been hurt very badly. It definitely gave us all a good scare - and we have never been more grateful for good car seats and seat belts in our lives! The impact shoved us all forward to the point that we were sore from our seat belts catching us - and then we all have pretty good headaches from our heads slamming back into the headrests. I cant imagine what would have happened if he hadnt looked up and tried to stop.

We all went in to the chiropractor this morning and got scanned. It seriously was my first thought (after seeing everyone was ok) - that we had just invested about a thousand bucks this summer to get our kids adjusted...and in one second they got all misaligned! Anyway, as always, I was so glad to have a chiropractor to call that would come open up his office on a saturday to see us. Hes awesome. is the lovely damage. I am so curious to see what the Insurance company will do. At this point its a toss up over the cost of repairing it and whether or not its worth those repairs! I definitley cant afford a new car or a car payment...but now that its been in an accident nobody is going to want to buy it when we do need to sell it in a few years. Bummer!

We also have to replace our kids' car seats. I didnt even think about that, but both the manufacturers recommend replacing both the seats and bases in case of internal problems. So I guess we have to get new ones. Again, I think we shouldnt have a problem with Insurance covering that...but you never know!

Here is my lovely car in all its smashed glory!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh no!!! glad everyone is OK! how scary for your kiddos!! :(

Jana said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I got rear-ended last year; isn't it the worst feeling/sound? So glad it wasn't worse. Good luck getting everything figured out and fixed!

jayna said...

That is In-SANE! I'm so glad you guys are all okay! We'll get you outfitted with some new carseats. And call me if you need to get out- we'll make it work!

Sherry Bobbins said...

So glad you are all okay! That must have been so scary!

amy said...

so sorry you guys got rear-ended. that happened to audra & i when i was pregnant with sadie. insurance should cover new least it did for us. hope you guys are feeling better!

Erin said...

What are the chances that its the bishops son....Small world. Im so sorry you got hit. That'll damper your weekend plans. Dangit.

The Cannons said...

That is so scary! I'm glad you guys were all okay. I'm still up to babysit if you dare drive over.

Darcie said...

SCARY!!! A crash like that can really shake you up and also make you feel so grateful for your family and that nobody was seriously hurt. Sucks though! Once someone cut me off on the freeway and I ended up in my car rolled over in the ditch beside the road, literally hanging from my seatbelt. the car was totalled, but i had no serious injury. Took me a while to be able to drive on freeways again.