Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tis the season

How can THANKSgiving be upon us? (If you know me, you know I cant say this Holiday correctly for some reason and that others ahem "HART" enjoy mocking me for it). However you say it - It literally is in a mere WEEK. I have SO much to plan, prepare, and bedazzle before the day comes, not to mention learn....since I have NO idea how to cook anything except top ramen and I have a whole smathering of hungry people to feed. But dont worry Im going to take a cue from my food idol Paula Deen and invite over my two best friends: Butter and Bacon. I figure not much else is necessary. That and my secret weapon: My sister in law Kallie. The truth is, she has it all covered and Im going to stand beside her smiling in an apron taking all the credit.

Speaking of Kallie today is her birthday. 25. Remember 25? It was the best year of my life because everything good was happening. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Kallie! Happy Birthday to my family's most gorgeous generous perfect addition.

It may appall you to learn that Pandora plays Christmas tunes 24 hours a day around our house, the fire is a blazin', and there may even be twinkle lights rolling around the window frames inside. I can't help it. Im practically orange from all the pumpkin recipes Ive been eating. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin and goat cheese lasagna, pumpkin curry, some days its just a can of pumpkin and a spoon. And no, im not pregnant!

Gabe and I get fall fever every year and try to take a couples trip. I didnt think it would happen this year because I was still nursing Spencer and the thought of leaving my baby - along with the pump coming on vacation with me was too much. Little did I know....I ended up weaning him last week, and goodness do I feel wonderfully liberated!!! The boy was eating all night long and I was so exhausted! He was hungry ALL the time because I either wasnt making enough milk, or it wasnt high enough in calories for him. Either way, hes enjoying the bottle now after a very long boycott. And I am enjoying my sleep again. Not to mention we got to get away for a long weekend to exotic...PORTLAND!

What? you dont think Portland is exotic???? Well let me explain. On the 11th of November, a 25,000 square foot H&M opened up in Pioneer Place Mall. Is it making more sense now? Yes, we drove to Oregon, stood in the rain for 2 hours with a bunch of rabid shoppers in a line that wrapped around an entire city block ... just waiting to get in on opening day for some fashion goods. It was fabulous. We bought tons of clothes for the kids because its the cutest cheapest store in the world.

We ate out a ton. We stayed in the MOST adorable hotel EVER called Hotel DeLuxe. Although Gabe might never forgive me for choosing it after we opened the door and it hit the bed. It was the SMALLEST hotel room I have ever seen. The bathroom was so small you could sit on the toilet, spit in the sink, and have your feet in the shower all at once. But man was it cute! It is all retro Hollywood inside. Teal and butter yellow, crystal, and light green. We stayed on the "Hitchcock Floor" so it was decorated with pictures of Grace Kelley and Ingrid Bergman and Carey Grant, which is just my style and secretly I think Gabe loved it too because he actually thinks he has a lot on common with leading men.

The funny thing about Portland is - the people all look disgusting. Im serious. The dress code there is wet hair, small dog, gay partner. Bonus points for tattoos and bicycles. I was shocked for such an urban city to feel so gross. The thing is, these hippy yoga earthy people with greasy hair - walk around in $400 boots. I dont get it. But I will say this: everyone we met was very nice. But I couldnt tell if they were homeless or not.

We found this fantastic movie theater called the Living Room, that is sort of like the flicks here in town. You can eat dinner while you watch the show and the seating area is made up of super comfy little couches. We went there twice just because we hadnt been to a movie in so long and it was pure luxury! We saw "Morning Glory" and "Catfish". I HIGHLY recommend it. EVERYONE should see it - especially teenagers or people addicted to Facebook. Dont read any reviews it will ruin it for you. Just go see it. Its a perfect date or group movie because it is so so fun to talk about after its over. And its NOT about fish.

We drove to the Portland temple and walked around it and took some pictures. I havent ever paid attention to how beautiful it is before. Its hidden in these huge trees, and very majestic looking. So that was fun. And it was nice to drive out of downtown for a while and see where normal people might live.

One last cool place we stopped was Multnomah Falls. Its a random waterfall thingy that my outdoorsy nature loving husband was really excited to see. I on the other hand...was not so much interested in the nature part - as much as I was to eat at the fancy lodge. The food was really really good! As we were walking back to our car to head home we stopped under this little bridge. As we were chatting we heard a train whistle in the distance - and then it got louder and louder and then WAY LOUD as the trian SWOOSHED right over our heads! WE DIED! It was seriously 3 feet away from our faces and the loudest most terrifying thing I have ever heard! Thats the moving train in the photo below. We were standing right under it.

My mom and Jory took care of the kids and it was the longest time we have ever left Brigitte. 3 nights! Thankfully she didnt once ask where we were or cry for us. Actually as long as her movies were on I doubt she noticed that we were gone. Our girl is ADDICTED to Tv. Gabba 24 hours a day, with a sprinkling of care bear movies whenever we give in to the begging. The one upside of course is that she is very smart. Dj Lance Rock has taught her all sorts of things: Dont bite your friends, stay away from yucky tiny germs, and how to do "cool tricks". If you have no idea what Im talking about: consider your lives blessed. We saw a pair of Gabba shoes in Portland and I almost bought them for her. But visions of them on her feet while she slept paraded through my mind...along with screaming fits to wear them to church, in the bath, and anywhere else. So we exercised some will power and left them behind! Oddly enough, it was Spencer who was difficult while we were gone. He is usually a little roly poly lump who occasionally smiles or says da-da. But he cried and was high maintenance all day/night long. We figured he must be teething or not feeling well, but I felt super guilty for leaving him! It was nice to get home and squeeze these two:

We are Waaay overdue for a photo shoot!
Well, thats about all I can think of that has been going on since Halloween. Exciting I know! This post was for My Mother in Law - Enjoy Shelley!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

what a fun little get-a-way!!! that hotel room looks fab!

have a good thanksgiving. i think you are really a martha stewart closet. i'm sure it will all turn out great :)


megan&steve said...

I have also checked out H&M on opening day, but in Scottsdale. I saw the line wrapped around 2 buildings-realized I was NOT one of the first 200 people to get a special coupon & got out of line with my friends.
Awesome getaway. Seriously.

Shelley Beal said...

And can I even tell you how that made my day! By the way, did Gabe tell you I want you to write my life sketch when I die? I keep telling you, you could make a million dollars if you wrote a book. You're SO funny!

Jana said...

I second your mother-in-law, you are seriously hilarious, Christy! I laugh and laugh while I read your posts :).

Brett said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. Sorry all the people were greasy. But, that's kind of nice because if you just take a shower you've already one-up-ed them :) Portland here I come!

Julia said...

I LOVE PUMPKIN THINGS TOO! In fact for lunch I'm headed out for some pumpkin cheesecake from Olive garden (AMAZING) oh and some lunch ;)

Your trip sounds like fun! I'd love to do something like that with Darren.

The Cannons said...

I loved your post. That sounded like a great trip and I don't think you should feel one bit guilty. As you know I am all about leaving my kids to go on a little trip. Mom needs a little break every once in awhile right? Christy, you are crazy everything you cook is fantastic.

Heather and Dave said...

Nice work for weaning little mr. pancer :) If I could have my body back I would...maybe I'll give it a go too! I don't read very many people's blogs, I usually skim through the photos, but I always read yours and I love EVERY word! What a fun hotel, and movie theatre! Never been to Portland, but it looked like a fun getaway weekend! Especially the exotic H&M they just had built! Ohhh lala!

Anonymous said...

O my gosh their adorable!!!!