Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Terrible News...

My Baby has turned into a little boy! 

Oh my heart breaks -  every time I see his little scurvy legs toddling down the hallway. The excellent news is that he is only 20th percentile for height and weight, which means of course that we have the worlds hugest 3 year old and mystically our boy turns out to be a hobbit. TYPICAL.  Unfortuntely even though he is small, he now has little toddler sized tantrums and says the words ball, Juice, mama, dada, night night, and my personal favorite: no no no.

His favorite activity of choice is splashing in toilets, along with crawling inside the dishwasher and pulling knives and spoons out of the silverware basket. I am constantly de-germing him. But he always lets out a little squeal of delight when you catch him doing naughty things and scoop him up. And he lays his head on your shoulder every time you hold him. Hes hard not to love, this guy. 

For his birthday he had not one, but two fantastic parties. We celebrated on his actual birthday with the Beal side of the family and had a hot dog roast and cupcakes. It all went great right up until he reached up and grabbed the giant candle on top of his cake and burned his figer on the hot wax. After 10 minutes of crying he finally started to enjoy the frosting a little bit. Gabe and I gave him a water table to splash in in the backyard, hoping of course it would keep him out of the toilets! 

And then on Saturday, since cousin Lila is his birthday twin, we had a combo Easter/Birthday party for the kids on my familys side. Jayna cooked the most fantastic meal  I have ever seen: scalloped potatoes, ham, salads, yoghurt jello, sourdough rolls, fruits, cheeses. Oh my, I showed up looking 6 months pregnant and left looking 9. And feast your eyes upon the adorable decor. These pictures just dont do it justice!

Brigitte wanted to wear her "fancy sleeping duty dress", so we curled her hair and she even sported a "head band-aid". She was SO adorable and kept wanting us to take her picture. Now that she is finally a girl I am relishing the moments when she wants me to put "lip slicks" on her, or help her wedge her block feet into those hideous plastic Peg Bundy princess shoes. Its so fun to have a little lady around. 

Sadly we had to wake spencer from his nap to open his presents so he was grumpy. Luckily, even at his worst, he will still smile on demand, so he looks happy at least in a few pictures! Finally after being super whiney, he opened up a big green football from my parents he got very excited and said BALL! He got pretty spoiled with gifts, which both he and Brigitte have thoroughly enjoyed.  

I really cant believe it was just a year ago that we vacuumed little Spencer into the world. He is pure JOY and we love him to bits! As soon as the sun comes out we will take his one year photos. Until then I will admire these little beauties and cry myself to sleep:
The morning he was born


megan&steve said...

Happy Birthday Spencer. What a cutie and I love how close your kids and Jaynas kids are in age & location. Special bonding time, I miss being close to my fam.

jayna said...

Oh butters. I love him so. Happy Birthday!!

kecia said...

you scared me with the title of your post....he is adorable!!! Love the party decor! You are one talented woman!

The Cannons said...

Spencer is sooo cute. I forgot what a cute newborn he was. Beautiful!

K.A.M. said...

I love this post! All the pics of your fam. and the festivities, so fun! Spencer is seriously SO CUTE! And so is Brigitte - I can't believe how little lady like she is getting.

PS: Good luck with pregnancy #3 ;)

Heather G said...

What a sweet post for the world's sweetest little boy. I can't believe your baby is 1, but don't you go cryin yourself to sleep - you'll hold another babe soon enough while your 2 gorgeous tots trick or treat ;)