Friday, August 19, 2011

Its nearly time....


Can I hear a HALLELUJAH?

I have waited patiently the past two weeks whilst every store in Boise has earnestly tried to entice me with Summer clearance sales. I am proud to report that I did not buckle to the pressure. I have not bought a single hot pink or yellow shirt.


I have, however, been doing nightly online research planning out my fall wardrobe must haves, along with wishful thinking lists for my kids. It helps my cause greatly that I am married to a slightly fashion whorish spouse who understands the forces of nature that pull me mercilessly towards display window after display window. He knows I am weak.

Maybe its Project Runway's fault. I get all fashion glazed when I sit and watch all that sewing. It makes me crazy, and gives me wild ideas. I try and try to make my preexisting wardrobe seem wearable and up to date...but I just can't help it. It seems so....last fall.

What's really funny is, I just cant stand to spend more than $5 on anything related to summer. So everybody out there who is rolling their eyes at my shallowness - just realize that I am a major cheap-o when it comes to MOST fashion things. I practically keep Forever 21 in business around here with how often I go through their metal jewelry and $8 shirts. Im not up to trend with any of my spring/summer/winter stuff.

But every September I get the fever, and I am pulled to the stores like a moth to the flame. I can hear the merchandise in the night calling me: Christy - our knee high leather boots are iiiiiiinnnnnnn. Come try them ooooonnnnnn. They make your thighs feel so thiiiiiinnnnn. Pair them with our new hand died modern flare distressed jeeeaaannnssss, you will feel young and alllliiivvve!!!

And so without further ado, here are the items I have narrowed it down to. The things I will donate plasma to afford if I must.
My Fall fashion GOTTA HAVE IT LIST OF 2011:

1. A new pair of Brown leather boots. My old trusry set of kicks have met a tragic demise and are sitting with a broken heel in the laundry room - thus forcing me to purchase a new pair.  I have my eye on this chunky heel from Nine West (left), and I love the color of this pair from Born (right).

2. Loop scarves. I bought a purple one from Old Navy and I love it so much that I am expanding my horizons. They just look SO CUTE with everything. Loose over long sleeved T shirts, tucked into the neck of a barely open trench coat or dress,  Slung over a sweater. you just CANT go wrong.

3. My lifelong search for the perfect leather bag continues. I love bags. If I could afford one from Diesel it would be top choice, but seeing as these two cost $260 and $450....Ill probably have to be happy with my trusty pleather hobo from Nordstrom.

4. Right hand chunky rings. Thank you Rachel Zoe for my new addiction. 

4. The leather wrap watch from Urban Outfitters. I have been waiting for this to come back in stock...FINALLY! Now I just have to convince The husband how much I need it!

5. OK - now on the The main ingredient. The secret weapon. The grand finale. The icing on the cake. JEANS!!!!
Fly Away Boot from Miss Me                                                                                                            Carrie Flare from True Religion


Paige Premium Bell Canyon

I could go on.(And On) But I am curious. Do you have your eye on anything particular this Fall? 


Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Oh MYYYY I am obsessed- you have gotten me far too excited for {our non-existent} Autumn. On my must-haves list?

The Frye Paige Riding Boot:

But at $350 a pop {or $175 per boot} I am not holding my breath.

Also, I would swing a pair of those Paige Denim jeans if I had an extra $100 hanging around after the boots were purchased. Someday we will be rich...right??

Myca said...

Um...all of the above! Seriously though. I am looking for some good boots...maybe a slouchy pair? And I am wanting some cute skinny jeans to wear with them. I need some cute winter tops too! I guess what I need first is some money right? Boo....

megan&steve said...

I have to admit, I do wear summer clothes year round and will not be buying scarves or boots. BRing on the summer sales!!!!!

Alisa said...

FYI...Urban Outfitters has free shipping on all orders until the 25th! Coupon Code FREEFALL. You need that watch!

kecia said...

I seriously love how you write! you are so funny and I love reading your blog! I am having the same fall fashion itch too although due to my ever growing belly it will mostly be fullfilled through kids clothing. LOVE the brown boots! Always on my list and I will have to try the loop scarf! Actually I would take one of each!

Anonymous said...

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