Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas Love Gabe

We have had a great week getting ready for Christmas. We have decided that we're going to have our own little family Christmas Friday morning and have Christy's grandma over that morning. That will be fun, we want our kids to have memories of Christmas in our home as well as at the Grandparent's homes, so we'll end up having Christmas twice. Friday afternoon we'll head up to Garden Valley and have our 2nd Christmas up there. I can't wait. There is a hot springs up there that I'm dying to be in- it feels like heaven.

Not a whole lot is going on other than just enjoying each day and waiting for a few days off. I've been at the airport Tower for about 2 months fixing the elevator shaft, so that it will hold air pressure. I'm at the top of the tower near a man-bridge that spans across the elevator shaft and I'm in charge of the all the repairs, but I'm also responsible to rescue someone if they were to fall out of the swing stages that they are using to get up and down our 225 foot verticle shaft. We have a pulley installed to rescue someone. Anyway, what that means is very long days- start at 6:00 and work until 4:00, and I've passed the time reading Dead Poet's Society in Spanish and watching several Christmas movies. I've been watching them in spanish if it's available, and it's pretty funny to hear the spanish voice-over. It was almost unwatchable to have a spanish voice-over for Dana Carvey in "Trapped in Paradise".

Christy has started making me a lunch and I'm not sure if I've ever felt so special. It's funny, to win a fat man's heart, you don't need to give him presents or affection, you feed that man! She wins a gold start for surviving each day with 2 crazy kids and 1 high maintenance baby.

Brigitte has started to show her defiance toward our parenting. It's quite funny, and we're trying hard not to ever let her know that were dying when she does this, but every time we ask her to do something, it is usually answered with this quick sharp "Huuuugh!" or "Huuugh, fine!" It's like she has just had enough lecturing and finally has given in to our request, but the funny thing is that she says it after the very first time that we ask her to do something. This is funny now, but sure to turn to frustration soon I'm sure.

Brigitte has been saying some pretty funny things lately. We were at Cabelas last week and Brigitte had to go potty, so we went into the the men's room and she went potty. Well, I had to go as well, so I placed her behind me and as I started, she yelled with a room full of other men "Daddy, are you going potty with your teeny weeny!?" I died.

Yesterday we were at church and Brigitte was being absolutely crazy- so we were in the foyer and I pointed to a painting of Jesus and I told her that the church was Jesus' house and that he lived there. She replied "'s just so beautiful". Brigitte also has this new stall tatic where she'll crawl onto your lap and get right in your face and give you a big ol' kiss on the lips. It's so funny! Then she'll examine your face and look for any blemishes and try to "fix it" by picking and scratching at it. She says "oh no, does it hurt? It's okay, I'll fix it". She also knows she can delay bedtime if she all of a sudden becomes interested in football. She'll come out of her room and say "Daddy are you watching football? I want the red team to win" and she knows she can come sit on my lap and watch the game and be up for at least another 30 minutes. She's too funny. The best though is her midnight Christmas Caroling. Every night this past week, we've put her to bed and after about 30 minutes, we get a special Christmas concert. We get to hear "Jingle Bells", "I Am a Child of God" and our favorite, "Ru-ha the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

Spencer's latest behavior is he wants to run and hide from you every time he sees you. Well, this is funny and a good time when it's in our home- he sees you coming and peels out in his socks and tries to hide behind a curtain or a corner, but when you go to Cabela's on a Saturday afternoon, the weekend before Christmas, it's not as cute. I think Christy already blogged about this, but let me tell you, it was crazy! I had just gotten a cart and put Benett inside when I turned around and saw Spencer sprinting away rounding the corner towards the fish. I quickly followed, literally swimming through a crowd of people, just to get around the corner and he was gone- and I mean GONE! Anyway, he ended up half way across the store in a 4-wheeler that had a stuffed puppy inside it.

Spencer is still obsessed with basketball and loves to say "ball" 500 times a day, but he's pretty darn good at his 2 foot jumper, so I'm quite pleased. He thinks the tree ornaments are balls and wants to touch them or pull them off the tree, so we have been putting him in time out. It's too funny, he walks over to the corner and leans his head against the wall and then gives us 2 or 3 fake pouts/cries and turns around with a big smile. It's too funny!

Benett is a great partner to watch football with. He just lies in you arm and doesn't complain about what we're watching or that I'm choosing to watch the Redskins and not the other teams that are still relevant this season. He has been giving us more and more smiles and I can't resist his chubby, chubby cheeks! He's still a GRUNTasaurus in the night and a PUKEasaurus at all times of the day, but he's the best!

Well, that's about it. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!


Heather and Dave said...

Love the kiddo recap :) Nice work Gabe. It's fun to hear things from the Dad's side, so glad you found Spencer and he was safe! Brig is too cute for words and I laughed out loud at the hilarious bathroom quote! Have a Merry double Christmas!

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voice over spanish said...

It was really interesting to watch them in spanish if it's available, and it's pretty funny to hear the spanish voice-over. It was almost unwatchable to have a spanish voice-over for Dana Carvey in "Trapped in Paradise" I really loved it.