Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spencers Birthday

Spencer is finally a REAL little boy! He has recently become OBSESSED with Toy Story so we thought it would be fun to throw him a little themed party on saturday. The extent of my decor was one sad felt banner that Aunt Kallie and I made out of felt 10 minutes before the party started, and some balloons. Gabe was running Robie creek that day so I was single parenting and cooking at the same time so it was virtually impossible to do anything except damage control all day. But I think the kids had fun and Im glad we got to indulge this fun stage in his life. He got a buzz lightyear doll, which we could not pry out of his hands even when we put him to bed. FInally after hearing all 50 phrases and sound effects Buzz had to offer I had to go in and take it away. I felt bad that the BIrthday boy cried himself to sleep, but not bad enough to go deaf listening to that dang laser.

We celebrate his real birthday with the Beal side and ate ourselves silly with pulled pork sandwhiches. Since Spencer shares his birthday with my niece Lila, we had a Crandall side combo party on Easter weekend at my sister's house. We feasted on scalloped potatoes and ham and Spencer got his beloved dirt devil vacuum. My dad almost died watching Spencer's happy dance and clapping (we call him twinkle toes or prancer because he does this hilarious tiny footsteps dance). Im so sad that I havent pulled any of the pictures off the camcorder yet - so youll have to imagine it.

We also took hideous family pictures on Easter and could not get brigitte to smile or sit for a single picture. A few turned out with the neices and grandparents though, so that made it worth it. My parents bought all the grandkids coordinating dresses and neckties - they were so cute!

I havent blogged in so long that I have a thousand things to write about! Its hard when you get behind on posts because then you wake up and find that you havent even told the world about the new trampoline from craigslist, the new camper from Aunt Barbara, running Robie Creek, OR the new hit show from Australia I discovered on Netlflix called Dance Academy. We have much to discuss.


Sherry said...

So glad you did Spencer's birthday post so I can steal off pictures [although I have most of these!). Sounds like a great time!!! Sounds like a wonderful party! Glad Kallie could help you some! Love you!!!

Lindsay Henderson said...

Hello, you don't know me. I feel like we're sister's from another mother. I think you're so funny and stalk you like a creeper. I'm Lindsay, friends with Myca Frogley. Love your humor, love your family, love you. the end. :D