Friday, July 20, 2012

Buy Raffle Tickets ONLINE!!!!

Many of you have asked how to purchase raffle tickets for The LIttle Red Riding Hood Cottage online. We have figured out a way to do this so that those of you who live outside of Boise, or who I cannot get tickets to in person can still enter to win.

Just follow these 2 easy steps"
1. Click on the heart below or on my sidebar to make a donation through paypal directly into Arnold's adoption grant.
2. Then leave a comment telling me how much you donated and the name you would like on your tickets. I will then fill out your tickets and email you a confirmation.

Thats it! Also, for any of you that arent really interested in winning the playhouse (no kids at home, live out of state, etc.) we have had a few families write Arnolds name on their tickets! What a sweet idea.

HAPPY RAFFLING!!!! Keep spreading the word guys - you are all amazing!


Anonymous said...

Just donated 5.00 on paypal for you! Megan Wongdock

Christy said...

Thanks Meg! ill put a ticket for Grace in the pot! Youre the best!

Tricia said...

Hi Christy.
My name is Tricia Dildine.
I just donated $20 on Paypal.

Emily said...

Oh, sweet Christy-

I saw you on the news the other night and almost died! I was asleep and Trav woke me up saying, "Christy's on the news!" I woke up and sure enough there you were in all the beautifulness. I'm SUPER proud of you, way to go, my dear. You amaze me.