Friday, July 6, 2012

Her Name is Lola,

She's not a showgirl.....
But she IS our new dog!

Apparently I woke up yesterday, lost my mind, and got a dog.


Dont call the psych ward on me - let me explain! I know what you're thinking. I already have 3 animals ( my kids). I already have 2 pets (my cats). I dont exactly LIKE dogs. And well, youre right. Im not a 'dog person' per say. I would never EVER run out and buy a dog - or worse a PUPPY! So let me put your fears to rest.

Shes definitely not a puppy. And shes only barely a dog.

She is a 2 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees from a farm in Kuna. She spent a year being trained on an ostrich farm and then supposedly gave up on life completely, because instead of tending the goats as she was supposed to do, she just liked to lay around in the shade. A lot. (my kind of dog!) I emailed the owners and thought, just for fun - that we would take the kids out to visit the farm, pet the goats, and see this huge white dog. I told Gabe on the drive over - that even if we liked her and wanted her - that we would under NO circumstances bring her home tonight. We had to sleep on this impulsive decision at least ONE night! He chuckled and said OK.

I actually thought my kids might be a little scared of such a big dog so I wasnt too worried. I also expected her to be a dog - you know - run up sniff, jump, bark, and get excited at little kids coming over to pet it. Which is why when we opened the goat pen I was holding Spencer, Gabe had Benett in the baby bjorn, and Brigitte was clinging to my legs under strict instruction to STAY RIGHT BY ME!

We saw Lola sitting over in the shade. She didnt get up. She didnt bat an eye. And then she rolled over onto her back. I walked over to her and squatted down where she very gently turned right side up and lifted her leg onto my lap to "shake" hands. After which, she rested her giant boxy noggin in my hands and I immediately loved her.

Oh crap, I thought.

So we talked and talked to the owners about her. Was she ever aggressive? no, never. Does she walk on a leash? Like a champ. Does she bark? No, shes ghostly. Is she hyper? absolutely not. She prefers women to men and is timid. They think the Ostrich farm was a scary time in her little life and that the man was pretty rough with her. So why are you getting rid of her? She wont work. Shes LAZY. And sometimes she chases the horses.

I was smittten.  I looked at Gabe and he knew we were taking her home. They slipped a giant goat leash around her huge neck and she slowly walked over to our car and hefted herself in. She reminded me of Eyore - the depressed donkey from Winnie the Pooh. And just like that - we became "dog people".

The kids are in heaven (Brigitte calls her Whey-la dont ask me why) and Spencer likes to stand nose to nose with her like this:

Shes lovely, and gentle, and lazy, and pretty. I think shes going to have a long and fruitful life of being laid upon, dressed up, and mauled by my 3 wild hooligans. Not to mention protecting me when Gabe is out of town, and hunting the ghosts in her spare time.



Sherry said...

oh. my. gosh. you will loose your mind! but she is beautiful! your kids will love her.

Whitney said...

She is so dang pretty!!! She sounds like a really good dog!!! Our dog is a lot like her lazy and doesn't bark and is sweet as can be. I wasn't a dog person until I got her and now I love that dog to death. We have had her for 8 years and she has been the best!!! Have fun with her!!!

megan&steve said...

My sister Jennifer also has a dog named Lola. I love this dog for your family. And that Lola can help hunt ghosts and keep you feeling safe.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

well gosh! i could have bet my life on the fact that you would never get a dog. before you know it, pigs will be flying! ha!

we ALMOST got a dog before we had Layla. and we were going to name her (the dog) Lola too. quite a common name, i guess :) but then my senses came back to me and we got a baby instead :)

conrats! she looks like a nice mellow dog! just my type! i bet your kids are having a blast with their new 'toy'!!! she's a pretty dog for sure!

jayna said...

The beal good times never disappoint! How exciting for you guys. I think she looks indestructible! We will meet her soon!

Emily said...

You are one brave Mama! Good luck!

The Cannons said...

Oh my!

Jana said...

Soo my usual response when someone gets a dog is 'better you than me'... but I think you managed to possibly find the ideal dog. So good luck and I'm excited to follow Lola's adventures on the blog!

P.S. Those pictures of Jack WERE mostly just for you by the way. I almost put up the one I took of Jack and Benett with my cell phone that day but the quality was subpar. I still might though...

Kristy said...

I wish that I loved animals. I am totally not a dog lover, but Lola is so cute! Maybe if I met a dog like Lola I would change my mind too!

Heather G said...

Hahaha - you amaze me. You have so much energy and talent to care for a hubby, 3 darling babes and 2 kitties, now a DOG!! Not to mention feed everyone and keep the house together. I need your energy...I feel like your next post will be you are can do it though :)