Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Halle Barry wont be getting much play on san diego movie screens this week for her film "Things we lost in the fire". We can pretty much watch it from our own homes!!!

Luckily, Gabe and I don't have any tragedies to report. The flames did not come as far west as UTC and thankfully so. We live 2 blocks from the if that was going to burn down then we figured the second coming was just around the corner and the fires would be the least of our worries!!!

On Monday we both got off work early, I think all of San Diego did actually. To prepare in case of an evacuation. We headed to the local Vons only to see their entire beverage section wiped out! We ended up scrapping the last of some Pellegrino and other sparkling waters. (Lets just say we would have been surviving first class!) We also got some batteries, candles, and lots of canned soups. I did feel a little bit like a virgin with an empty lamp running around begging for oil! This experience has been a good motivator to work on food and emergency storage. Thankfully, we had started earlier this month so we did have a few supplies. PLus, Im Dan Crandall's daughter, so you know I had a wind up flashlight, A FULL tank of gas, and some Cabellas gear just in case!

I think since the winds have died down they are working on dropping water and containing the fire. Otherwise the 2 big fires are going to meet up, get married, and turn into the end of southern california! I can just picture all the millions of people standing on the beach like a scene from 'The Road'. Nothing but ashes. Its super depressing to realize the extent of the damage thats already been done. Our beautiful palm trees, farms, and some really amazing multi-million dollar homes have been wiped out. Not to mention the wildlands and Indian reservations and casinos.

We definitley are thankful we didnt move into the townhouse in Carmel Valley. It was getting quite close to evacuation. And Gabe most likely (had he stayed with TSA) would have been working out in Barona which was completely evacuated. Im not sure of the extent of the damage there, but I know it was bad. Overall we are incredibly blessed to live and work where we do, and are painfully aware of all the people who have lost their homes, neighborhoods, and belongings. Im sure there will be lots of service opportunities coming up for us to help with.

We'll keep you posted.

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Jayna & Fam said...

Keep your eye on that temple...and your sparkling beverages!