Saturday, October 27, 2007

On a positive husband-loving note...

Gabe has miraculously began reading an actual book. This is a monumental milestone in his life, as he previously had only read one non-magazine book (besides the BOM) from cover to cover and it was called "Panther on Panther Peak" and was completed during his junior high school days. This time he is enthralled with John Krakauer's 'Into thin air' which is a great man read. I plan on starting it as soon as he is done, in order to follow up with "Into the wild" which I finished last month.

On a completely different topic...we are house hunting. Yes, again. My eagerness to have a hallway has reared its ugly head once more! Not that I dont love every single inch of our 500 square foot cave in which we currently reside. I just yearn for the bedsheets, cleaning supplies, and canned goods to not be stored all together in a tall closet we bought from Ikea and called a 'Pantry'. Our towels deserve a rack! Our vacuum deserves a closet! Our fictional baby we have lives in the 'office' which is just the space under the barstools!!! CPS would surely take it away if they knew we planned on wheeling its crib into the bathroom at night! But we just have nowhere else to store the little darling....(hence why we are childless and likely to remain that way until we figure out where to put it!) so...if anyone has a house lying around or has a strong opinion on where to buy a good one - we'd love to hear your suggestions. My vote is for Mission Valley. But we are also looking in North and South park areas.

A photo of our current residence...Gabes Venetian bachelor pad which I took over and converted to the 'Love nest' . Its a very convenient location just 2 blocks from the Temple, whole foods, vons, marshalls, and UTC mall. But we have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and 2 storage units full of my old furniture! We would love to outgrow this unit very very soon....but its hard to imagine squeezing a 3rd body into our bedroom, even if its a little one!

Just to give you a glimpse at our REDICULOUS housing market here in this lovely "charmer" which is for sale for nearly $400,000. It is less than 1,000 square feet and hasnt been upgraded since 1972. This home is in our price range. When our realtor calls us we cry a little at the options he brings us. Its so depressing. Purchasing a detached home is nearly impossible. They are SPENDY and CRAPPY! Thats why the condos and townhouses are so popular. You get running water and hard wood floors - but neighbors above and below you - not to mention surrounding you on all sides! hmm choices choices. I think ill pass on this 'cosmetic fixer'!

We found a great townhouse in Mission Hills, which is close to a fun 'euro' style community in San Diego. We thought it was a miracle, as these properties rarely come up for sale, and NEVER under $600,000. We were thrilled and called the realtor to look immediately. was all spectacular until we found out that someone had killed themselves in the bathroom. SERIOUSLY. Hazmat came in and gutted the whole place but it still creeped me out. Especially since I tend to be slightly ghost magnetic...I pretty much passed on the spot! No thank you! Can you imgaine being home alone one night and feeling like someone was hanging around where they died? What if I accidentally saw them or something! Too creepy.

MY Ideal place would be a non-haunted condo at The Lido in Mission Valley. Its like living in the movies, resort style! It was built in 2005, but still has never lived in units available. We looked at one unit this week and I was depressed for hours afterwards and couldnt even TRY to like anything else!

The Unit we looked at has light maple hard wood floors, a dual master floor plan, full blown shopper closets, and a travertine bathroom with a tub large enough to drown my worries for a lifetime. Unfortunately, if we stretch our budget to move in here, I cant afford to quit my job. (and the whole point of moving is for more space=baby) Oh the irony. We will keep you updated on all of the gems and tragedies we stumble upon. I know you cant wait.


Amber and Dan said...

I think that Raleigh, NC would be a good place to stary. We'll be there in about 3 years so just wait for us, otay!? =)

Jayna & Family said...

Hence living in City Lights 4th floor cement jungle for a least Grace did have her own bedroom. CA is so insane...we have no advice. But we wish you luck on finding a ghost-free, "charm"-free new residence!

The Cannons said...

This problem has an easy solution...MOVE! I swear people who live in California are crazy. If you guys moved to oh I don't know Boise, you could have five times the house! Not that you don't know this. Well good luck with all that. That is pretty much the most depressing thing ever.

By the way I read "Into Thin Air" in high school and I really liked it. There is a lot of swearing in that book but hey if I was freezing my pants off and climbing a horrendous mountain I might curse a bit as well. I think people who climb or want to climb everest are also completely crazy. Ok I have written enough.

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Soooo...I heard the UTC area (specifically the 13th Ward) is a reeeeaaaaally great market right now....
::on my knees, palms clasped, knuckles white::