Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving by Gabe

What a great weekend! I love thanksgiving. I think it's probably my favorite holiday just because it's right in the middle of the big christmas build up of exicitement. We had a lot of fun.

Thursday morning we got up and I de-boned our 24 lbs turkey. It was so good! I'm going to be eating turkey for the next century, but I love it. Then we took a little walk over to Whole Foods to get a hot chocolate and a few small things that we had forgetten- walnuts, foreign cheese for sampling, etc. It was such a nice day- it was just kind of cool to get out and be outside for awhile. I wish that I would have been playing football- that would have been perfect, but I'm a cripple. I don't think I'm going to get better in time to snowboard at Christmas, but we'll see. Anyway, we got back and TOGETHER we made everything from scratch. Thanksgiving dinner has been a topic of several discussions over the last year because I totally controlled the whole process last year and didn't let Christy even near the kitchen (or the cranberry sauce), so we both took it on this year and it was great! Christy's candied yams that she just invented on the spot were to die for- I hope she remembers what she did, because they were delish!

After dinner we hit "August Rush". One word: retarded, but I couldn't help myself from almost bursting into tears on about 5 different parts of the movie- I've gotta stop watching Oprah! Well that was over-compensated by the 10 times that I wished I had an ice-pick to gouge my eyes out from the agony of the rest of the movie. It's a good family movie though- pretty clean- I think. I'm way to desensitised to be a good judge. Christy and I watched Home Alone at some point this weekend and I can't remember 1 swear word, but after reading Jory's e-mail I just sat back and realized that I've totally lost it. Oh well.

Friday was pretty fun. Christy and I ended up hitting the mall, Kohl's, and a few other shops. It wasn't crowded at all- we kind of avoided the hotspots, so I'm sure that helped. We got a tree and decorated it that night. It's only 4 feet tall, but it's perfect for our place. I watched the Boise State game that night and even thought they lost- it was a great game.

Saturday I practiced my carpentry skills by patching holes in our bedroom wall. I'm sure it's not a shocker to anyone that I have anger management issues, but I've got to stop punching holes in the walls! J/K!! I put some holes in our walls to run some new wiring, so I spent the morning being a handy-man. It was pretty fun, but not near as fun as watching BYU come back from another sure Utah win. It was so priceless! I loved it. I made it up to some of my old guy friends place just in time to see the 4th quarter and the improbable come-back. It was great. Half of the guys at the party were Utah guys, so I loved it that much more.

Saturday night I took my scouts to do temple baptisms. It was the first time for one of the boys, so that made it pretty neat. My calling is quite rewarding when you see these boys show up to stuff and have a good time. I wasn't too excited at first because it was scheduled for 7 PM on a Saturday night, but it was fine.

I woke up with a headache on Sunday. It didn't get much better and then it got drastically worse when the Redskins decided to throw away another game. I didn't know you could actually get good at handing your opponent the game, but they have mastered it. I wasn't at all surprised today when I heard that Sean Taylor (one of our players) got shot this morning. He didn't even play yesterday, but I'l bet the investigation will find out that he was sick over watching the Skin's performance and he tried to do away with himself. I'm close.

Well, I hope everyone had a great time and didn't gain too much weight. I think I stayed right about even, but that's not saying much when your allready 20 lbs overweight. I think the highlight of the weekend may have been Christy's knee to my back when I was snoring and told me that if I'd lose 30 lbs that I'd stop snoring. I think she's planning an "Intervention". Heaven help me. Gabe


Jayna & Family said...

Love it Gate! We missed you guys during our sad, gluten-free affair. Christmas is going to be so much fun. P.S. Christy- saw the baby kitties. To die for cuteness levels.

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Glad you guys had a good time and ate LOTS of give us some! We were turkey-less this holiday and it was only mildly depressing...

stadia said...

Nice to read that you guys had a decent Thanksgiving. Mom and I went to Dana's for dinner.

It is a shame about BSU's loss but they retained their ranking so there is hope we are going to a bowl game. We find out on Sunday.

The Cannons said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. Did you and Christy eat by yourselves? I think your turkey was about the same size as moms and she fed 9 adults. You really will have leftovers.

erin said...

you guys are so fun. Christy you kill me...since we picked up sailing? girl wheres the love? you should of said hi months ago. too cute. Well now that your 26lb turkey is done you should be ready for a 26lb ham for xmas...right? So, what are you doing now? are you working? Amy Gulick? How is she? I should call her soon.

Amber and Dan said...

I'm so excited to see you guys in a couple of days!!! *yay* Are you prepared to see mz amboqueesha??? It has been a while so get prepared!!! ;)

kkrich said...

just found your blog. i love it. ps- i added u as my friend to my blog. hope all is well. merry Christmas!