Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A California Christmas

So I havent blogged in ages it seems. We started celebrating christmas hard core on the week of thanksgiving. Gabe got out all his little foreign nativity scenes and displayed them on our tiny table, hung a giant ikea star of bethlehem above them, and ordered up every holiday movie in stock from netflix. Over the past 3 weeks I have grown dumber thanks to viewing classic films such as: Christmas with the kranks, jingle all the way, and the santa clause. Im barely alive to tell the tale.
Thank goodness for Home alone and the christmas story to balance things out. We bought a teeny tiny willow sized tree and decorated it with our collection of 5 ornaments and some filler sparkly junk from target we bought last year. By the time we were done you could barely even tell what was underneath all the beads and lights. You can't look directly at it...or you will go blind. I will not post pictures of it for your own protection. The one redeeming trait of our tree however, is the Eiffel Tower that sits atop the highest bough. A little touch of Christy.
To top off our holiday decor, Gabe tacked a string of red sparkly beads/balls above our couch along the whole length of the living room. I wait every night to hear the sound of them slinking off the wall. So far they have held on.

Its hard to get in the christmas spirit whilst surrounded by sunshine and palm trees. Its a very odd 60 degress and no jacket is required on shopping trips. Its on eof the best things about san diego, except at Christmastime. You miss the snow and scarves (well, I still bust out a scarf or two). BUt nonethelss, it is not the Idaho winter we both remember from our childhoods. Luckily we head to boise/arco in two days and will be frozen enough for a lifetime upon landing.

Adorable Gabe managed to surprise me with a 12 days of Christmas countdown. Hes spoiling me rotten and I love waking him up in the morning with my ritual of singing for my present. So far I have gotten:
12 roses a bloomin
11 hours for watchin (dvds)
10 socks for warmin
9 hours for talkin (a badly needed cell phone charger)
8 feet for neckin ( my favorite new scarf)
And I cant wait to see what the future may hold. This sneaky husband of mine! And I know he feels completely scramped because all he got from me was a pair of shoes he described as 'gay chocolate baguettes' and a toiletries kit. He didnt even pretend to like them. I told him to pipe down and wait for REAL christmas, since all his big 'real'presents are already in Idaho. Hes impossible to please so I gave up long ago.

I found out today that my baby at work will be having surgery on the 27th to remove her trach, thereby making her a complete and normal 1 year old. I have been having withdrawl from her and dropped by to visit today and she remembered me so that was nice. Shes so big already, I cant believe she weighed 4 pounds in february. At least Its a clean break from my job and I dont have to turn her over to a new incompetent nurse.

So thats about it. We didnt send out a Christmas letter like we planned, mainly because all we did this year was get married and everyone already heard about that! So Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for your pictures, letters, and cards! They are all up on our teeny tiny mantle!


kkrich said...

You are too cute. Sorry we didn't have an awkward ugly-sweater party this year. Haven't seen ya'll in ages. Merry C-mas!

The Cannons said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe you watched Jingle All the Way, The Santa Clause, and Christmas with the Kranks. I have only seen The Santa Clause out of those options, but really. Here are some of my holiday movies: Love Actually (edited) I flipping love that movie, The Holiday, Elf, Musical Scrooge, It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas (not my favorite but I still have to watch it), and I'm glad you mentioned Home Alone, and A Christmas Story. Well done. If you need to borrow any of these movies swing on by.
p.s. I still need to get The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the cartoon of course) and I love Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol.

Heather & Dave said...

I miss you! I love your descriptions of your tree and the beads Gabe put up around the living room. What a good hubby to spoil you rotten by coming up with a cute/clever way of 12 days of Christmas...
I hope you guys have fun with your family in Boise! Merry Christmas!