Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby updates

And for those of you who are wondering - Yes, I did in fact survive the Superbowl. But just barely. I tend to not believe in football, so fall and winter is especially rough around our house when all Gabe wants to do is sit in front of the plasma shouting and crying over something so lame as chubby men in spandex dog-piling each other. Ive seen Gabe cry maybe 3 times since I've known him. TWICE over football or some 'touching' sports story. But I have to admit - this year the big pigskin finale was ALMOST dare I say it - fun? Watching Gabe and Alex go crazy for the last 59 seconds (aka 20 minutes) of the game was so hillarious it brought the whole family, Grandparents included - up to the media room to see what all the ruckus was for. We had about a bilion small children running around in various states of nudity blowing on recorders and eating tons of snacks from the table adding to the chaos. It was quite a night. And because my husband is a sinner of giant proportions I became $120 richer! I made him forfeit the money over to me to teach him a lesson about the evils of gambling and how it NEVER pays off. So I hope when Im walking around in my brand new Rock and Republic maternity jeans he feels the true pain of his actions. I can't wait.

We had our first Doctors appointment since coming to Boise yesterday. And I have to say, Gabe and I nearly burst into tears as we walked through the designer waiting room with copius amounts of padded seating, huge built in fish tanks spanning the walls, and real live up to date magazines spanning all genres - not just the free ugly 'American Baby' one that frequents all waiting rooms nationwide! It was HEAVENLY! The nurses were fantastic, our ultrasound tech actaully knew how to run the machine - it was a shocking experience for us. Our Doctor actually sat down and - SPOKE - for like 20 minutes!

This was all new to us. You see, in California we went to the clinic where our highly recommended specialist practiced. It was full of 50 disgusting chairs, 2 ripped up magazines, and signs on the wall urging you to leave your unwanted baby at a 'safe place'. We had a student run our ultrasound and she couldnt even hold the wand, let alone figure out where to put it. Our uber spendy, oh-so-highly-recommended OB spent maybe 2 1/2 minutes with us per visit. She always said "things look fine, see you next week" ! I hated going there. We went and toured the hospital where she delivered and found out that unless you opted for a midwife and no epidural - there was no such thing as a private room. Thats right. You labored and pushed in a room with 3 curtains separating you from the crack whores. I looked at Gabe and was like - id rather have it in a box under the stairs.

So anyway, back to our DR visit. Our baby was wild and squirming around and really didnt want to have his picture taken! The best shot we got was of one foot kicking violently. On the picture you can even see his toes. We of course, think its the best foot there ever was. He is measuring big for his gestational age, so there is some wiggle room on the due date. The DR left it at July 30, and I agreed this was the best because we are probably not even having a baby, but rather a giant starving grizzly bear and Im sure my dates are right and the baby is just FAT.
I say HE because I am sure its a boy. We have our big comprehensive ultrasound in 4 weeks and they would tell us the gender if we wanted to know. We still want to be surprised, so as long as we can beat off the in laws who think we are doing this to punish them, i think we will make it all nine months!

So I am still not showing even a tiny bit. I weighed in and was still not back up to my normal weight. I suppose vomiting every day and walking around completely nauseus for nearly 4 months will do that to a person. I know I should be able to feel the baby move in the next couple weeks and that completely terrifies me. Its like I swallowed a fish or something. And until I have a cute baby belly I dont want to feel it trying to scratch its way out.

So thats about it from me!


megan&steve said...

Christy, I totally love your style of writing. Congrats on finding an awesome doctors office and good nurses and doctors. You deserve the best! I'm glad you are safe in Boise with family and cute baby beal on the way!

JustinandNichole said...

yay!!! I am so glad tat things are going well with your baby and that you don't have to deliver to the tunes of a screaming crack whore! What a nightmare!!! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Hopefully you will have a super cute belly then! Who is your doctor? I can't wait to hear more!

Heather & Dave said...

A starving grizzly bear? hahaha you are too funny. I can't imagine delivering with 2 other women in the room, thank goodness you are in Boise where you get to be pampered during labor...that's how it should be!! I bet you'll start to show soon, I think I did around the time of my 18 week ultrasound. I'm so excited for you guys. You'll be the best mommy that Grizzly Bear could ask for. He'll probably be a fan of Bear World on the way to!! jk.

lisa c. said...

Sounds like you'll have your hands full when baby beal comes...great to hear how you're doing and that things are going great for you in Boise. Love from SD!

The Cannons said...

A private room is a must. I want to know where your doctor is because I don't love the Woman's Clinic downtown let's face it. When we were in Provo we had a place I really liked, so I think I want to try something else with my next one. Which won't be for a very long time. Pregnancy. Woof.

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Sooooo...I guess the move made you even more HILARIOUS!?! I am in complete agreement that there should at least be the slight pay-off of a good 'ol baby bump if you have to feel that junky all the time. Much less the fluttering of a baby grizzly in there...hmmm.
Not that I'm rubbing it in, but I have had some super-delish Sushi in the past few weeks since your departure and every time it causes a single tear-drop to roll down my cheek in your memory little momma ::sigh::
Such is life :o)