Monday, March 3, 2008

For the LOVE!

Thanks Mitzi, for the generous tag passalong. Im starting to have to get really really creative for new information about myself to share! I will do my best....

Tagged Again

10 years ago I was - 15, in love with Jack Bangerter, and obsessed with gluing things to my walls.

5 things on my to-do list for today...

1. Wait for Jorys towels to dry and put them away!
2. Go to lunch with my sweet sweet husband Gabe. Probably to Gandolfos so i can have a 'Yonkers' with extra vinegar. Shameful, I know.
3. Start up a baby registry and zap the crap out of target or babies r us!
4. Eat some tylenol and take a nap so this headache goes away
5. Finish my lame Mary Higgins Clark book

Snacks I enjoy...
1.Crunchy red grapes. They cannot be green or soft - yuck!
2. String cheese - microwaved for 10 seconds until warm and extra salty.
3. Blimpie turkey sandwhiches with EXTRA EXTRA vineagr. Subway should be illegal.
4. Voss water. I cant help it im a junkie for the glass bottles. It just tastes so much better!
5. Toby dip with kalmatta olive bread from the co-op.

What would I do if I suddenly became billionaire?
1. I would buy our DAMN house that is taking FOREVER!
2. I would start up a business that would generate lots of future income.
3. I would adopt thy rest of our children
4. I would buy my parents the cabin they have always wanted
5. Buy a second home in Paris (just a little getaway flat for myself!)

5 places I've lived.
1. Boise Idaho
2. Rexburg
3. Provo
4. San Diego
5. Paris (ok, only for a month but im counting it!)

5 jobs I've had
1. Entertainer for kids parties (yes, this included dressing like cinderella, tigger, and Pooh)
2. Laser Technician -Ive seen WAY too many transvestites!
3. Certified Nursing Assistant - professional wiper in the rexburg nursing home.
4. Sales Rep for Pets Best dad fired me. true story!
5. Nurse - peds/preemie home health care (The BEST job in the world!)

5 Random Facts:
1. I cant allow my feet to be touched. It makes me FURIOUS. I can get pedicures but I cant have them scrub or massage the bottom/middle of my foot!
2. I dont really like older kids. Its true! Im a baby lover, and by the time they are 4-5 I start to struggle with being patient and aswering all their BILLION stupid questions!
3. My favorite tv show of all time is Ally Mcbeal. Ive been thinking seriously of adding "Mc" to my last name.
4. I love mod podge. My friend Nichole got me hooked at a young age and I have been an ardent gluer ever since. In high school I glued magazine cut outs to a wall and an entire dresser. When I moved out my parents had to scrape it off and I dont know if they ever forgave me!
5. I have always wanted to be amish. It would be such a relief to have such a simple life with the same routine and close family nearby.( Obviously, I couldnt give up mascara so Id be shunned for sure.)


Jayna & Family said...

So does a baby registry mean you've decided to have to risk baby gifts from others??

Jennifer said...

Refreshing! It's so nice to read blunt answers. Truly! Thank you!

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

I LOVE you...I have the same exact foot-touching issue. Plus, why do they insist on scrubbing the MIDDLE of your foot so DANG HARD!! In my case, I'm fairly confident that it's simply because I NEVER *upgrade* my package from Regular spa pedicure to the Deluxe version. I am NOT paying you $10 extra dollars so that you can molest my feet longer...weirdos!
Thanks for sending me on a tirade...and I hope you guys get to move into your pretty new house soon!
Miss your face...can i come live in Boise too??