Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Am King

Basically I've had a moment-

I dunked. That's right, I dunked on a 9' 1" hoop- don't discount that extra inch. It basically felt liberating, a breath of young air- I feel like a "school boy, a school boy who..." (Dumb and Dumber- come on!). I was out playing hoops for a couple of hours this afternoon and I started out at 7' 6" and was basically like MJ out there- it was ridiculous. Then I stepped it up to 8' 0" and mastered that in quick order, so then it came time to test the skills and took it up to 9; 9' 1" to be precise (I measured it). Well, 20 minutes in, all I had was a blood blister at the tip of my index finger from jamming it directly into the rim and depleted confidence. I was feeling extra fat and old, and then I tried again and rattled it home, awesome! Then I had to do it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke and about 10 tries later, booya! Right then and there I ripped off my shirt and I swear I had a huge "S" on my chest- I was the only one there so you'll just have to believe me. Now, not only am I going to forge school transcipts and walk-on the BSU football team, but I'm pretty sure the Idaho Stampede might need my skills.

Well, "Hell Week" is almost over- J/K. It's been great. Christy and I have spent the last 9 days at Hart and Jory's house sitting and child sitting Brynn (9) and Braden (7). They were really well behaved, but honestly, I might need therapy. I had no idea how hard it is to be a parent, well- I mean a loving parent. I mean, I've got the discipline down "go", "do", "quiet", "don't ask questions". Okay, let's be honest, maybe they will need therapy. I could use a few refining skills. I learned after I made both of them cry that I needed to be sweet and now I'm like Captain Hug and Love. We've actually had a great time playing hoops, watching American Idol, and movies (I had to regulate- no cartoon movies, I made them watch "Old Yeller" instead- huge success).

Work is going great. I really like my job, my boss, etc. I think it's going to work out- at least for now. I don't have a lot of confidence in my self-performed concrete crews. Apparently I'm going to have to re-explain what North, South, East, and West and Grid Lines are. We had our first pour this week- our tower footing (700 yards of concrete placed in 6 hours- smokin' fast!), anyway, there's an elevator in the middle of the 8-sided tower and they laid out the walls wrong- not by a few inches like they first thought and then corrected after the pour, but then they actually found out that they had put the elevator on the North side instead of the East side which was 2 walls of the octagon over. I seriously can't believe it- I mean how Rookie can you get? Well, hopefully this will shock everyone's system and straighten everyone out, but now I'm really nervous.

Our house is still pending. I've almost lost my entire memory that we actually made an offer because it seems so long ago that we first saw it and fell in love. We can't even drive by it anymore, it almost feels like a bad dream. Well, the problem is that we have now provided the seller 4 separate submittals; the contract, an addendum, a revised addendum, a loan verification letter, blah, blah, blah. It seems so simple to just get us a list up front of everything they need and we'll get it, but whatever. Well, we're optimistic that this last go around is our final task before they will finally sign the contract- hallelujah!

Well, that's about it. Hopefully next time I'll be writing and soliciting all of you helpt to come move us into our house. Until then- Adios, Gabe.


HunnyHull said...

Dude, I'm not on your "attractive people" list anymore. I know I have gained weight during the pregnancy, but I didn't think I was that ugly. I totally got demoted!

Jayna & Family said...

It's easier (and harder) when it's your own kids because they can't tell on you (but if you don't do a good job society will know.) Glad you guys survived!

Whitney said...

Gabe, I came across you and your wife's blog and wanted to say hi. This is Whitney from Ricks. Congrats on the baby. That is so exciting!!! I am due to have my 2nd baby in may. Kids are a lot of work but they are fun!!! Sounds like things are going great. Just wanted to say Hi.