Sunday, March 30, 2008

Got Burglars?

We’ve been robbed….again.
I’m glad that since moving up to Boise that I have changed some of my personal hobbies and pastimes. I rarely enjoy sitting down and watching sports or catching a good movie. In fact, Christy and I haven’t watched a good movie in months- I mean we’ve watched about 500 movies since we moved here, but we haven’t really enjoyed any of them. Just the same, the NCAA basketball tourney is on today- and I could care less if the most exciting college player since Carmello Anthony- Stephen Curry is attempting to make Final 4 history- not even interested, but I’ll probably watch, just for history’s sake.
Anyway, I say all of this because our storage unit got broken into and they took a few things….things that I don’t really need anymore. For example, since I have changed my movie and sports habits, I won’t really need my plasma TV anymore- gone. And since I don’t really watch TV anymore, I really don’t need my leather couch or Christy’s white leather sectional. We’re actually really anti-social and don’t plan on having friends here, so we won’t miss our couches that were taken.
I’ve also changed a lot of my outdoor interests. I don’t really like backpacking anymore and it’s a good thing since my stove, water purifier, flashlights, etc. are all gone. I’ve changed my thinking- I figure if I want to see nature all I have to do is open a good backpacking book- oops, I forgot- all of my books were taken too. Okay, who am I tying to kid here? Everyone knows that I don’t read, so who cares.
Golf- never was very good. Let’s face it guys; it was just an excuse to get away from the wife/girlfriend or to try to close the deal with a client that was already going to sign up anyway. I think it’s a complete waste of time and money. I’m glad that my clubs got taken.
Home improvement- I’m so glad that we’re buying a newer house that won’t need any repairs. Every home improvement project I did in San Diego was a near disaster, so Christy truthfully won’t miss all of my around the house tools.
Snowboarding- it was a college thing. Who has time to be away from work and family to go brave the elements for hours on end? I’m so grateful that I’ll never have to have powder splashing my face as I float down the slopes. This is going to leave me much more time to do my new fun things- like blog.
Wedding book, mission photo albums, 50’s and 60’s football cards: all these things just slow your memory cells. I find that as I think back on these experiences and rely on my own mind power that it’s a much more pleasant experience.
The list could go on and on- it could actually go to the tune of around $25 thousand dollars, but since Christy and I just finished finalizing our budget and setting our financial goals last week, this will really give us a little extra drive to save, save, save.
I’m sure you were all wondering, yes, we are insured. You see I have our home owner’s policy in San Diego and it covers 100% for 30 days after you move and 10% after that, so we are covered for 10%- a very large lump sum of $2,500! We missed full coverage by 20 days. Ironically, we should have been in our new house about 20 days ago, but the PMI insurance companies have all done away with our first type of loan that we first applied for, and so we had to redo everything and prolong the process. Not a bid deal though- we figured that this will make it a lot easier to move into our house, especially since practically the only thing that the robbers left was our junk IKEA furniture. I figure we can use the $2,500 to go towards our 10% down payment.
Well, I hope all is well. We’d love to come and visit, but our passports were stolen- I guess you’ll all have to come here instead- we’ll rent lawn furniture if you decide to come up. Alright, catch you on the flip.


jayna said...

Seriously, we laugh only to keep from crying...or just because your posts were so funny! That stinks SO bad we cannot fathom it! But we knew there was a reason we've been saving our 12 inch TV from 1995 that no remote can will be our house warming gift to you! Chin up guys!

megan&steve said...

I can't believe your bad luck. Your storage unit got broken into? Man, I'm so sorry you guys. Were any of the baby items in storage? Good luck with your new house, I'll still come visit. I"ll bring a blowup air mattress.

Amber said...

I can't believe that!!! I hope you guys can find everything!!! I'm sowwy!!! :(

kkrich said...

ouch. i guess theft happens everywhere, even in mormon-ville

Whitney said...

That stinks big time. Sorry, it dosen't sound like you have the best luck. That has to be stressful. Hope everything works out!!!

Julia & Darren said...

That sucks guys I'm sorry! And as for the meeting husbands comment Christy I still haven't met yours so in a weird sence we're even! Well just have to meet each other.. together! And yes we have 2 horses and my father in law has 2 perfect for us to go on a ride :)

I'd love to come up to the shower, hopefully I'll see you there!


JustinandNichole said...

I seriously couldn't sleep last night after reading your post! How could anyone be so horrible?!? What scum! I feel so bad for you guys! It brought back how I felt after someone stole a bunch of our baby stuff while I was in the hospital having Macy except yours is 500 times worse!Love ya guys!