Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gone Baby Gone....

Wednesday night was the perfect evening. I spent it relaxing at home, watching an exciting episode of American Idol, no worries, completely content. However, little did I know as we bid farewell to Chikezie....that a mere 2 miles away, all of our worldly possessions were being loaded into a pickup truck and trailor by two crack heads.

We got the call thursday afternoon from the storage unit, explaining that there had been a robbery, and our unit did have the lock cut off. They told me to come down and see if anything had been taken and to file a police report. I called Gabe almost laughing because we are a magnet for thievery, and I figured they had probably gotten our TV or something by the entrance of the door.I wasnt too alarmed, because after all we have insurance!

He went ahead and stopped over to check it out on his way home from work. And then he called me. He wasnt laughing. He then started to ramble off a HUGE list of all the things that were gone. And I mean - GONE! Leather couch, leather sectional, 2 tvs, camping gear, snowboard, clothes, shoes, computer, wedding album, mission pictures, and the SAFE with our passports, marriage license, and social security cards in it. I thought he was playing a cruel joke on me and started yelling at him. So he came and picked me up and we went back there together....and I have been in a cloud of depression ever since!

What the thieves left behind, they ruined. All of our framed pictures were busted, all of our totes were dumped out. They threw and broke 2 chairs...the list goes on and on! It was a SHOCK to say the least! So we went over and talked to the private detective who was at the storage place and he showed us pictures and video footage of all our things getting hauled off. We could clearly see the man and woman's faces as they piled our stuff into their vehicles.!!! Apparently they are known drug users who already have records.

Unfortunately nothing has turned up. We hit a few pawn shops looking for my viola and Gabes baseball cards, but nobody had our things. Ive been scouring craigslist thinking someone would maybe try and sell our couches - but nothing there either. So alas, I have resigned myself to the truth. Our stuff is GONE GONE GONE!

And dont worry, we missed our insurance deadline by 20 days (for carrying over to a new location after a move) and the most they will send us is $2,700. So we get to pick our favorite stolen item and replace it! The most sickening part is - if our loan wouldnt have collapsed 2 weeks ago due to nationwide cancellation of the 5% down program - we would have been moved in a mere 4 days prior to the break in and all of our stuff would have been in the new house instead of in storage!!! Talk about BAD TIMING!!!!

We have one hope left, that somehow my parents home owners policy will extend to us since we have been living with them for the past 2 months. Bless my father the insurance guy who had the policy of all policies and thinks we are covered. Im keeping my fingers crossed, but resigned to the probable truth that we will be sitting on the floor watching the fireplace in our new house in 2 weeks time-remembering what it felt like to have a remote control in our hands...and a blanket over the matress. (they took our bedding, pillows, and memory foam topper - those rats!)

We are lucky to find this all extremely hysterical. We truly are criminal magnets. I just want you all to be prepared when you get our baby shower invitation...because there are some fairly expensive/large items on the baby registry now!

we'll keep you all posted :) If you see a white leather sectional at a yard sale in Boise, let me know ;) Its the one thing I feel sick over losing. I just keep picturing that womans face - all hyped up on crack - asleep on my couch rolled up in my new down comforter....oh what i wouldnt give to have a little talk with her and her accomplice!!!

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Heather & Dave said...

Oh NO!! That's terrible! I'm so sorry for you guys. I can't believe the "private detective" who was supposed to be watching the storage place, let those hooligans haul all of your belongings away! What an awful thing to have happen...I hope they catch those crazy crack heads, throw them in the slammer and that you guys get all of your things returned in perfect condition.