Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gender prediction FUN!

So out of sheer fun and curiosty I sat and predicted the gender of my baby online tonight. I consulted a variety of sources, and they pretty much all came up with the same answer! Pretty funny. BOY am I going to be SHOCKED if this baby turns out to be a GIRL!

So I found a new gender prediction quiz that asks questions based on the mothers physical and emotional stress levels at the time of conception. I just wondered if you guys would take it and see if it was right! I realize that seeing the babys actual parts is the only way to know for SURE...but humor me ok? Let me know how yours turns out!

You are 57% having a boy

you are borderline but closer to it is a boy!
* this quiz is merely for entertainment, to determine the true sex of your baby see your doctor *

Gender Prediction
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CHINESE BIRTH CHART : Based upon your age and the month you conceived, you can see what the likelihood is that you're having a boy or a girl:

So again, it predicts a boy for me. Im hoping this chart isnt very accurate, because according to the ancient chinese people, ill have to wait until im 29 before I have a very good shot at having a girl!

Another popular urban legend is heart rate association. They say if babys heart beats more than 140 bpm, then its a girl. Under 140 = boy. We have been between 148-156 so I guess according to this we are having a transvestite.
Belly Shape. Apparently, carrying high like a watermelon = girl, and low like a basketball = boy. Im certainly carrying low (as in my thighs) so this again, indicates boy for me.
And finally I consulted the Old Wives. According to them... my chances are 53% boy, 47% girl.
Lastly, see if you can tell the gender of these ultrasound pictures:

Picture on left is a boy, right is a girl. These are fairly obvious scans - but I have seen quite a few that I couldnt tell a squat bit of difference between them! Either way, we havent run into a tempting moment of ultrasound weakness yet simply because our baby wouldnt even give us a glimpse of its goods!

I think the surprise will be really fun. Only 4 months left to go....


Amber said...

This was fun! and very interesting because if I had done this before I would be convinced I was having a boy! I was 50% likely to have a boy, the old wives website said I was probably having a boy... the chinese calendar said I was having a boy... and well, I still had a girl! :)

The Cannons said...

I had a basketball belly, Corbin's heart rate was always between 130-140 and I was 55% likely to have a boy. Sounds like pure science to me.

The Cannons said...

Oh and according to the Chinese calendar it said I was having a boy too. Hooray for little boys.

megan&steve said...

The surprise will be fun, especially if you have been shopping for both girl and boy items!
I've heard the heartbeat tale before about faster the beat, more likely a girl. I've never checked out the Chinese calendar, but my sister in law has, and it predicted right BOTH times.

Anna Beal said...

Well, I think I'm doomed to a house of emotional girls. They can't be teased, can't be tackled, can't let their Daddy horse play with them. Your little test says I'm ripe for another girl...I think I'll wait another year.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Says I'm 44% likely to have a boy. We'll see next week when I go for the ultrasound! =)