Friday, April 4, 2008

Worst Ultrasound EVER - week 23

So we had another U/S on Wednesday. This was a follow up to the one we had last month, because our shy baby wouldnt cooperate and show off its heart and spine (probably the two most important things to check out right???) So they scheduled us again, and thinking it would be super fun like last time and wed get to spend some quality time staring at our baby, both Gabe and my Mom came along to watch.

I was wrong! We had a super ugly grouchy tech that ONLY scanned the heart and spine, and wouldnt even show us the baby in one piece! Gabe would ask what is that? And she would say 'a cross section of the spine'. She gave us these short annoyed answers every time we spoke. And then I asked her if we could have a profile picture, and she said No - the baby isnt lying that way. Instead she froze the screen on a front view of its face, and printed it off. And then she shut the machine off, handed me the ONE picture, and we were done. I happen to know - that regardless of how the baby is lying, you can get a decent picture of it...simply by moving the wand. HELLO??? Im pretty sure even Gabe could have found its face if he had taken over. Its not hard to do, she just didnt want to do it.

She also got really rough with the wand, jabbing the baby so it would move its foot out of her picture she needed. Thankfully, our little offspring just slept soundly the whole time and never once flinched at her rude attempts. It kept its little leg dangling just right - in her way - the entire time. Way to teach her who's boss baby!

What really ticks me off, is clearly I had visitors with me there who wanted to see the baby. She was SO RUDE! I know its a busy clinic and everything, but seriously, it would have taken 5 seconds to let us see it. Its times like that, that I wish I could be more assertive and outspoken. All day afterwards I kept thinking WHY didnt I say something to her? Or at least ask her if we could have a better look!!! Instead I laid there all annoyed, and just kept my mouth shut.

So, pregnancy brain tells me to call in and let them know just how insensitive and in a rush our tech was. I of course wont actually do this, but I wonder if I can make a request to not have her ever again? Does that make me a super big brat???

Anyway, here is the ONE picture we got. Apparently we are having a skeleton. In case you cant tell - there is a baby's face somewhere in there. BOO to bad ultrasound techs.


The Cannons said...

That's really crappy. Sometimes I think health workers need to realize that even though they see this stuff like a million times a day and it's not a big deal to them that doesn't mean it's not a big deal to you. I mean ultrasounds are a big deal to the caring parent. I am just the same way I would have sat annoyed and not said anything either.

Brittany Iverson said...

So... what office do you go to? You know I do have connections.... :)

Amber said...

shoooot.... give me there number, I will call them for you! What a meany technician! That's supposed to be an exciting time and you don't need someone to rain on your parade, geez! Well, your foggy blob is beautiful anyway!!! I can't wait until I get to see it for real... oh yeah, and snap snap on some belly pics! :)

Jamie said...

Maybe this is MY pregnancy brain speaking, but you should TOTALLY CALL HER IN!!! Seriously! It's totally inappropriate to be a crab about any baby. UCSD has a call-in number or something for your comments. I would call. But again, also pregnant and hormonal and overly violent.

Thanks for the heads up on the heartburn. I'll have to get the Mexican food kick out of my system now... Oh the joys of pregnancy!

jayna said...

They just aren't as nice if it's not your big 20 week ultrasound. They're all business ALL of the others, unfortunately. That stinks though since you ahd an audience. Cute new baby ticker by the way!!

kkrich said...

i concur- boo on u grumpy ultrasound lady. sorry life hates u.

Anna Beal said...

That is horrible. You definately need to call and make a complaint. When I went in for my ultrasound they were way behind, so the Dr. (Lowder) did a 4D ultrasound for me free of charge. Maybe if you complain they may let you come in for a free 4D. Reguardless, you need to say something. This is your 1st baby, you deserve some TLC.

Diana & CJ said...

Yes, that is a crappy picture, but Í've seen worse. And that chineese calender thing is wack. It predicted that I would have a boy & I got all prepared with boy names & what not only to be pleasantly surprised that I was having a girl instead.