Monday, April 14, 2008

One Year Later...Still going strong!


It was ONE wee year ago that Gabe and I scampered off to New York for our wedding. In some ways, this adventure seems to have taken place just yesterday...and yet, when I think back on all we have done since then, it feels like DECADES ago!

Instead of dashing out a list of all our fab wedding memories, I thought it would be more fun to share some fun facts about my husband that some of you may not already know. Also, as a side note Id like to give a shout out to our good friend Maren who got engaged last week (YAY FOR MAREN AND BRIAN!!) And I dont mean to sound conceited, but straight from the source, I 'was the inspiration' for her taking the leap into the next chapter. And I quote myself:
"Oh Maren, relax! Marriage is EASY. I do it all the time!"

All About My Husband Gabe:

Name: Gabe Richard Beal
Aliases: Gage, Grabe, Craigr

Height: 5'10-5'11 depending on his self-esteem at the moment

Childhood dream: to be a professional football player
Actual dream: to own every pair of Puma & Diesel shoes ever created ( and i feel confident that he may reach this goal!)

Favorite Posession: as a self-described 'worldly' individual...this list is LONG. But i will include his collection of jeans, his truck, and probably his football.
Actual favorite posession: His hair

Favorite food: mexican or sushi

Biggest fear: Losing me of course!
Actual biggest fear: That his biceps might be shrinking

Small Facts about Gabe:

Loves the smell of the farm (yes, I mean cows!)

Has to get outside for boy time or hes a GROUCH the rest of the day!

Takes care of my car COMPLETELY from now on ( I swear I never knew you were supposed to rotate your tires regularly-oops!)

Does the laundry

Pretty much does the cooking

He OUTSHOPS me. This is no small feat mind you!

Thinks that taking a bath is like 'stewing in your own filth' but has NO SHAME taking a 45 minute shower.

Uses hair products ( I swear this is factual, I watched him one morning, after which he said 'HEY, you werent supposed to SEE THAT!')

Before he packs for a trip - he will try on outfits to make sure he 'feels sexy' in them.

He loves to travel, which we have in common, but he likes to do the kinds of trips where you ride in buses carrying live chickens and sleep in places that have communal toilets...a passion of which I do not share sadly.

He is a baby HOG! His sister told me a few weeks ago "you know Gabe is never going to let you hold your baby right?" I love this about him, even if he tries to do 'baby tricks' with small infants from time to time. He will be the BEST dad, especially if we have very sturdy kids :)

He is a great communicator. I used to think boys were retarded and selfish and deficient when it came to empathy. But Gabe has a talent for conversation - especially if hes motivated. I mean, I did attend a number of sporting events with him, even after i told him Id rather poke my eyes out. Somehow he conviced me (and usually bribed me)

Another hidden gem of Gabe's is his knowledge of pop culture and his love of celebrity trash talk. HE phoned ME when Anna Nicole died. He also knew that Jessica Alba was pregnant before me. (Sometimes I hate him for this.)

Gabe branded our furniture. He built a shelf for our front load washer and dryer to sit on in the new house, and after he had been out in the shed with his father ALL DAY , he came in and proudly announced that he had in fact BRANDED the front of it with the Beal brand ( a GIANT letter "B"). Always leaving his personal touch thoughtful!

There are a million other things I could write about here, but I need to get on with my day and go fix my hair (1130 and Its still in a towel? shameful!) so I will close by just saying that I was pleasantly surprised upon reflection of our first year together... and thrilled at how easy of a road it has been so far. A lot of people will tell you the first 2 years are the hardest, and if thats the case I AM A VERY LUCKY WOMAN!!!!

For my sweet husband: I know you are generally the one with feelings in our relationship, so let me just take a moment to say I LOVE YOU (as the girls would say - like a rainbow unicorn star heart!) And you are the best husband I have ever had! What would I be doing right now...if you wouldnt have asked me for three straight weeks to go to a Padres game with you? And even though you fell asleep on our first date, and made countless errors in bachelorhood for the months following....You have proven to be the best decision of my life over and over again!!


Anna Beal said...

oh how sweet

kkrich said...

you two are cute. glad to hear its easy for someone else too. and you made me a little teary-eyed, gabe is a well-loved man.

jayna said...

Happy Anniversary kids! We can't believe it's been an entire year of Gabe-fun for our family. We're so glad that he's made all of Christy McBeal's wildest dreams come true. In honor of this, here's a few of our favorite memories:
1. Christmas when he got teary eyed when Christy tried to re-gift his hair products to Tyler. "I can use those!"
2. "Daddy's the tallest, Curt's the strongest, and Gabe is just little..."
3. The unfortunate way that now my husband seems to watch and/or play football 100 times more than before Gabe.
4. On the other hand, our small girls are also much more proficient in their football catching skills...and keeping their eyes open when you throw somthing at them.
5. Last but not least, Gabe delights us with his Craiger ways at card playing.

Can't wait to see baby McBeal too! We are SO glad Gabe joined our family. He's NOT a simpleton and we can't imagine ever being tired of him! :)

Julia & Darren said...

Congrats you two! Wow if your one year is here then that means mine will be here soon! Gabe sounds like a great guy hopefully I'll get the honor of meeting him if I can make it to your baby shower.

lisa c. said...

Congrats Christy and Gabe! I love reading about the happenings in your life, the ups and downs.(seriously, the storage stealer, crazy). But sounds like you guys have had a great first year!

Anna Beal said...

Love the new look to your page. I will probably be going back to black very soon. Oh and happy Anniversary

erin said...

happy anniversary!! I love LOVE! So fun. You guys are so cute together. I love that you change the picture on the title often for us to see you two. Have a happy day.

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

You guys are AMAZING!!! I LOVE visiting your blog, because unlike some others (cough::mine::cough) you actually write things that people want to read about!!!
Happy Anniversary...we miss you like crazy, but you're funnier in Idaho I think.

Brittany Iverson said...

I vote for this layout.

Brittany Iverson said...

... and congrats on your anniversary! Hooray for love!

The Cannons said...

That's was really funny, oh and Christy we are really glad you are in our family too.
We were starting to think it would never happen!

Maren said...

I really appreciate this shout-out. If only I could find the time between doing really "fun" stuff like picking out napkins and floral arrangements to write something entertaining on my blog...Those were the days. I'm again inspired by you that I will find them again one day after June 20.