Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Its OFFICIAL - Sorry ladies....

My little brother is ENGAGED! Congratulations to Curtis and Kallie!!!

It was their 6 month anniversary, and Curtis surprised Kallie with a day of fun surprises - Including a trip to the salon for new hair, and a shopping spree downtown for a new dress. Then they headed to dinner at the Gamekeeper restaurant..after which a limo (stretch escalade!) was waiting outside to take them on a city lights tour.

The best part was when Kallie got in the limo, way in the back was a little 8 week old siberian husky puppy!!!! The tag on the collar said Kallie will you marry me? And then Curt busted out a GINORMOUS BEAUTIFUL 1 carat full bezel princess cut ring!

It was such a great day for our family who is THRILLED that Kallie will officially be joining the Crandall clan. She is the sweetest, most easy going, FUN FUN blonde babe I have ever met! And I also officially made myself 'Godmother' to their puppy.Ill have to post a picture of her as soon as we get one because I dont even LIKE dogs...but well, shes exceptional.

Ah sweet memories. It makes me want to get engaged AGAIN!
(* to Gabe)


Brittany Iverson said...

She's a cutie... she'll fit in well with all of the Crandall women :) Congrats.

The Cannons said...

Congrats to Curtis and Kallie