Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Update

We've been so busy with boring activities that none of them have been photo OR blog worthy...but I decided for journaling purposes that I would write about our happenings this past week. 

We have been consumed with moving. Unpacking is the WORST most overwhelming task when all you want to do is sleep!!! We still have unpacked totes scattered in the office and instead of buying some shelves and putting stuff away...I find myself closing the doors to that dreaded room instead. Im waiting for that dirty feeling called 'Nesting' to kick in so I can be motivated to get things done. With that said, Gabe has done a GREAT job being efficient for two. He is like a tornado all day long doing all sorts of ma
nly tasks around the house. And I never knew this, but the man can work a mop and vacuum like nobodys business! (BLESS HIM!)

Saturday was blissfully warmish and sunny, so Gabe tackled the yard. Our poor neglected landscaping was just dying for some attention. For some miraculous reason Hart, Jory, and the kids came over and put in 3 hours of hard labor pulling weeds and tilling the garden. We are continually amazed at their willingness to serve and help us! They even came and helped us do the big pre move- in clean that ate our souls. We owe them BIG TIME! They helped Gabe out a lot with the yard and since I cant bend over without throwing up/passing out...I pretty much stayed inside and baked 8 loaves of white bread. Plus I had showered already and thought Gabe was just going to plant the garden for a few hours! I did feel pretty guilty that everyone was out working and I was inside folding clothes and watching tv!)

Anyway, I mentioned the Garden. Yes its true. You can take the boy out of Arco...but alas, not the Arco out of the boy! Gabe planted red potatos, beans, corn, tomatos, and peppers. Its not a huge space, but it took a long time to do everything by hand! It was really infested with weeds. Anyway, I cant wait to reap the rewards of all his hard work! 
I got to see Lila for a bit yesterday too. The girls were over at my parents house and they took some cute pictures of her dressed in the tiny clothes she wont fit much longer! I swear she is the daintiest little baby ever! And she looks like a little dark indian. It makes me want a girl SO BAD!!! 

Speaking of babies...our mystery baby has had the hiccupps twice this week. It was a weird feeling the first time I felt it. I stopped and was like 'the baby just had a seizure!' and then it happened again, and again, for about 10 minutes. I try to make Gabe feel it, but he just doesnt get how weird it is. He always looks at me like 'yes honey, the baby moves. Its supposed to do that.' We have our next Dr. appt on wednesday. I cant believe how much faster time is ticking by since we moved here. I think its that in California there is no change in seasons - so its a long year of the same thing all day everyday. Here in boise we've had winter, more winter, some spring, and a rare summer day! It helps to have warm weather to look forward to.

OH - for all my pregnant friends...remember when I posted in desperation wanting the magic potion or voo doo cure for feeling pregnant? Well I took a little trip to the co-op and bought some B vitamins, and am happy to report that it did make me feel better! And now they make Cranberry energy drinks with B vitamins in them so Ive been drinking that a lot! It doesnt cure the misery all together, but has definitely improved my energy levels. I recommend it highly!

So thats about it. OH this is important! My disgusting black fingernail fell off. Well, I sort of ripped off the dead part to keep it from getting snagged on something and causing me even more nausea than I already have!  It is too gross for words and so so raw that I cant live when I think about it! I have it quadruple wrapped in many many bandaids for protection. Every time I change them I have to lay down for a few minutes to recover. There was a girl in my high school born without fingernails. And I am ashamed to say that I look at my finger and call myself 'katie may' on occasion. Like when Gabe wants to know why I cant do dishes...I say im a little too katie may at the moment. Its as good as the pregnant card!

Thats it. Hope you all had a more exciting week than us!


stadia said...

I am glade that things are looking good for you guys. I am jealous. I havent had a chance to see Lila yet but I will.

Anna Beal said...

Thats it kids...we are coming over to help you tackle any moving left overs. I feel like a horrible sister-in-law, so plan on our arrival this week. If you have a better evening let me know.

kkrich said...

baby hiccups. fun. haha and good for gabe being so domestic and clean.

you know how our weekend went. we did miss you at our shorts party, the weather was about 90 so we were sunbathing all day, and i decided that couldn't put real clothes on until i stopped sweating. plus 2 prego friends of our both lds wore some pretty rad gett-up. you would have been fine

Julia & Darren said...

speaking of your cute prego belly.. where are the pictures?! Hello I want to see!!!

The Cannons said...

I never got that Nesting business either. I did endure almost daily hiccups from the baby, usually right when I wanted to go to sleep. Good times.
p.s. Tell Gabe to come and plant our garden when he finishes up at your house. J/K

Heather said...

LOVE love LOVE the photo of you two up top! Was it taken after church? I can't believe Jayna's baby story too...that is pure craziness. She is a stronger woman than I'll ever be. Her baby is SUCH a doll! So I bet she thought the pain was worth some degree :) I'm glad you could be there with her. You're lucky to live so close to each other. I'm dying that Megan's moving in less than a week :( I won't know what to do without her.