Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Monday evening my sister called saying she was having 'mild contractions' and she thought it might be a good idea to go get checked out to make sure she wasnt going into labor. Her husband Tyler had flow out earlier that day, on his way to a trip to New York, so if she was dilated and actually going to be admitted then he needed to catch the last plane out of Denver that night and come back home!

I was over at my parents house waiting on one of Kallie's delicious gourmet dinners, and Dad comes running frantically out of the back room, saying "Jaynas in labor, we have to go get the kids and take her to the hospital!" Well sadly, earlier that morning my mother had endured a freak accident involving a truck, camera, and the curb...and she had fallen and broken half her face. She had spent the previous night sitting in a chair pumped full of vicodin and holding ice packs on her entire right side of her body! Needless to say, she couldnt go with my dad. So Gabe went home, and I went over to Jaynas to take her to the hospital while my dad went to fetch the children. 

We got to St Lukes at 7. She was having regular contractions, and was dilated to a 1.5 - 2. They wanted her to walk for an hour, get rechecked, and then they would tell us if she was going to be admitted or not. So my sister and I (two pregnant people) wandered the lonely second floor like knocked up high school friends, and at 8 they checked her and she was a 3. ( Im pretty sure she dilated due to some jumping moves she tried at the end of our walk. I caught her in the act) We called tyler and told him to HURRY HOME because they admitted her to Labor and delivery. He called us back and said that the last flight out of denver was oversold due to an earlier delay, and he couldnt get home until 6 the next morning. WE PANICKED! Luckily, The Bobbins ( mom) in all her doped up glory had found another airline on-line that miraculously had some seats left. But it took off in 10 minutes, and Ty had to run his giant legs over to the opposite end of the terminal and buy a ticket. Well, he BARELY made it. 

While we were waiting on Tyler, I ran home to Jaynas to get her some things since she hadnt packed yet for the hospital not being due for another 3 weeks. As I pulled up to her house I made the terrible realization that I was locked out. I had driven my dads car and didnt have a garage opener - plus for the life of me I couldnt remember the code to get in! So I looked around and picked a house with lights on...and scampered over and met the neighbors! Turns out I picked the ONE neighbor that didnt even know my sister - but they were really nice and let me in to use the phone. Once I got into the house, I was supposed to call Jayna on my cell phone because I left it with her since she had forgotten hers. I had no idea where half the things on her list were! Well of course her house phone wouldnt call long distance, so i spent 20 minutes trying to find the right nursing bra, pajamas, and makeup that she wanted! Finally she called the house wondering what had happened to me, and we got her stuff packed!
I stayed at the hospital until midnight when Tyler finally got there to take over. I told them to call me when she had the baby - even at 4 am. well by 8 the next morning they hadnt called! Finally I went over to my parents house and we were all getting ready to go down to the hospital - when Ty called and said "7 pounds 7 ounces!!!" She had the baby around 10 am. Apparently the epidural had failed around 8 that morning, and they were waiting on the anesthesiologist to come fix it for an hour - and right before he was available she was complete and had to push! Poor Jayna went au naturel. "Like doing the splits on a stack of dynamite!" When she found out her window for pain relief had closed she begged for a c-section. They of course told her to push instead. And no - she is not recommending this natural birth thing to me. In fact she looked me in the face and said dont even THINK about it. Its too terrible. I believe her.

Well after much talk of elizabeths and vivians....LILA MACKAY HAWS officially got named. Close second of course due to popular demand was "Princess Serafina" which the girls insist is the perfect choice! Lila has a tiny head and face - making her seem really small. But when you unwrap her blanket you see that she is 21 inches long and folded up like a little origami swan! She is Jay's biggest baby (which is so hard to believe! she seriously looks so little!) And being 3 weeks early, we can only imagine the pain of pushing her out full sized. I guesss with Amazon parents you are bound to get giant legged babies....

She has the cutest dark hair and sleeps just like her dad - with her mouth open. We cant believe she is here! What a great surprise. It made waiting out those last 3 weeks really easy! I can only pray for a smiliar birth experience. Minus the failed epidural of course, and nearly absent father! Id love to wake up one day a few weeks before my due date and go - woah, contractions!

And - Id love to have a Lila!  


Anna Beal said...

How exciting to read that! Congrats to your sister. I guess you can never be sure exactly how things are going to go...of course your labor and delivery will be perfect! So that was really funny that you found those stinky flowers. I never let her stick them in a cup...they always get thrown out.

Diana & CJ said...

Awww, what a sweet story. Cool story minus the epidural part. Gosh, that must of been so hard--she's a trooper. I'm such a wuss, it gives me a whole new level of respect for Jay.
Does it feel more real now? Looks like the next baby around these parts will be yours. So excititng!

The Cannons said...

She is so cute. That would make one stressful, high drama baby story. TLC would be so lucky to have a story like that. Well I'm sorry to say it but I don't think a little Lila is in your future. Maybe we will both be wrong and you will have a girl.

megan&steve said...

Cute, I'm so glad you posted the details. I hadn't heard yet about the little one. I hope all goes well with yours in a few months! The epidural is definately a MUST.