Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blame the Diet Coke

So migraines have become an everyday occurrence since about week 12... and my Doctor gave me permission to drink a medicinal diet coke or two if they helped (as an alternative to eating tylenol). So earlier tonight I drank one at Olive Garden and now im paying dearly!!! Insomnia is bad enough, plus the back aches and heartburn to top it off...but the worst part is how WILD the child gets when he gets a little taste of the cola! I wish I could videotape exactly what the baby is doing right now. Its like the dancing freak baby from Ally Mcbeal. Its rolling from side to side, squeezing my bladder, and trying really really hard to come out through my belly button. I tried to sleep for about 10 minutes before I gave in and headed to the computer. Gabe was alseep before he even hit the bed, so it was pretty boring lying there listening to his snoring :)

Speaking of Gabe, my sweet man has started this crazy diet called the FAT FLUSH - which I call anorexia with cranberry juice. Im really proud of him though, hes stuck with it for 4 days now, and has lost 5 pounds! Its pretty much fruits and vegis plus a little protein, and 64 ounces of diluted raw cranberry juice every day! All of this for a man who thinks broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, and pretty much all vegetables were put on the earth as some sort of personal punishment! Hes quit drinking pop, eating sugar and carbs, and even stayed away from the jar of cinnamon bears - which all you Beals know is the biggest challenge of all!!! 

Tonight, he made meatloaf for dinner. It was extra special because he added a secret ingredient to it at the last minute. He decided to blend some extra vegis in the blender and add it to the hamburger...but our blender was struggling to chop up the asparagus and he was using a long plastic spoon to shove things down to the bottom. Apparently, he caught the end of the spoon in the blade and lost a big chunk of it. We tried really hard to find it - with no luck. So instead of throwing it out...he threw the blender on 'puree' and basically pulverized all of its contents. Plastic spoon bits and all. I personally was afraid to bake it - for fear that it would emit cancer causing fumes. But he insisted. And I witnessed him choking it down....brave brave man. However his direct quote was : its so disgusting its activating my gag reflex.

* I dont recommend this 'plastic' meatloaf to anyone who is trying to lose weight.  

As Gabe was starving and eating various toxic chemicals, I was out at dinner with two of my best friends ever - Emily and Andrea. We hit up The Olive Garden and  stuffed ourselves with delicious alfredo dip and bread. I felt bad the whole time - like I was having an affair. I know Gabe really misses good food!!! So I hurried home and told him all about its rich cheesy succulent flavor so he would feel better. Im SUCh a good wife :)

I have set up a reward system for every 5 pounds he loses - just to motivate him a little more.Like, he gets a day pass to roaring springs when he loses 10 pounds. And at 20 he gets  a new pair of expensive jeans (anyone who knows us - knows THIS is truly the ultimate bribe!) Hes already noticing little changes, and I can honestly say Ive never seen such solid will power from him before! Way to go Gabe! I cant wait to join you in this weight loss endeavor after the baby is done ruining my body! Here's to my new diet NEXT SUMMER!!!


megan&steve said...

No new diet necessary for you Christy. You, your sister and yo mamma look awesomely skinny. Way to go Gabe with the crazy diet. Incentives are always helpful. I hope you get some rest tonight!

johnandcourtney said...

Plastic Meatloaf....mmmm.....remember our adventures with "fat free" Lasagna....sounds similar.

Diana & CJ said...

There seems to be all sorts of new crazy diets lately. I just like to stick to mine which is full of Wendy chicken nuggets, powdered doughnuts & fruity pebbles. They haven’t failed me yet.

stadia said...

Tell Gabe good luck.

The Cannons said...

You know your starving yourself are willing to eat pureed plastic. Yummy, I think I'll stick to my love handles and cinammin bears.

Harold & Nacele said...

Your blog is SO CUTE! This is my first visit, but I'll be a regular customer from now on!
Grama 'Cele

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Does Gabe know that Cranberry Juice is a Natural he on his period or something???
Wait, is that inappropriate??
Hmmm..."anorexia on Cranberry Juice" that is a Christy-ism for the annals.
I miss you and your dry humor, you might have been the only living person who "got" me in the whole of La Jolla.

Anonymous said...

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