Thursday, August 28, 2008

One month old!

Yesterday my little baby turned one month old! How can it be that 4 measly weeks ago she was still kicking my ribs from the inside out and giving me terrible heartburn??? It has been one CRAZY month to say the least. Here are some fun facts about our little bundle o' spice!

  • Nicknames: brigi, little girl, punkin, sweet baby (apparently we arent very original)
  • Current weight: somewhere around 10 pounds
  • Temperament: hot and cold. One minute she is sweet, the next she is trying to scratch your face off!
  • Sleep schedule: what sleep schedule? All I know is we all crawl into bed and the following hours are a blur! The longest she has ever gone without waking is 4 hours.
  • Feeding schedule: call me a milk cow, this baby wants to eat, eat , eat! I swear she never gets full! I try to make her wait 3 hours from feeding to feeding, but more often than not, its every 2 or 2.5 hours.
  • Her most delicious time is first thing in the morning. SHE IS ALL SMILES!
  • The most precious thing about her is her inadvertent laughing! She does this adorable giggle in her sleep and it MELTS you! She has actually woken us up in the night from a dead sleep with her laughing! We have tried and failed to catch it on video, but we have had witnesses who have heard it!
  • She is super strong and will stand up and hold her head up on her own. Especially when shes mad, she gets stiff as a board!
  • She loves her swing and green binky.
  • Sometimes she sucks her thumb - its soo cute!
  • Every day I put a bow in her hair and a bracelet on her chubby wrist, just so there is no confusion as to her girly-ness.
  • She sleeps in bed with us (BAD ! I know) and loves to snuggle. She wants to be held all the time.
  • She wont sit in a dirty diaper. She SCREAMS until you change it!
  • Speaking of screams - she has this high pitched super angry one that you cant believe comes out of such a small baby. Her pediatrician calls her "spirited"!
  • She has smiled since the day she was born. We have tons of pictures of her big grins!
We love our little Brigitte! She is getting cuter and chunkier by the hour! Here are 2 pics from today:
Her adorable baby knickers courtesy of Emily! These are the cutest!

And this picture is of her "Mr Mysterioso" fortune t-shirt! Courtney got it for her in Sundance and you open up the bag to see a shirt inside which magically predicts your childs future profession! (All the shirts say something different, and you dont know what you're getting when you buy it! One of her friends got one that said 'Flamingo Dancer' on it!) Lo and behold - Brigitte is destined to be a DOG SHOW JUDGE! Hillarious! We love this shirt.


Erin Boyle said...

So funny christy! A dog show judge! Courtney is awesome.

jayna said...

She is growing so fast. That picture with the knickers actually makes her look a little chubs! And her "little miss muffet just saw the spider" screams make me laugh. I hope you got that on video!!

Anna Beal said...

Look at that chunk...I LOVE it! I guess there is no doubt that she is getting "food". Cute kid.

Julia & Darren said...

I want one of those shirts>!> Holy crap that sounds hillarious ha ha

Diana & CJ said...

A month that's mad. Time flies. Before you know it she'll be asking Gabe for the keys to your car.
By the way her outfits are cool especailly the last one.

Crandall Family said...

In the picture she does look like a Dog Show Judge! I just love those nickers - they are too cute!

Whitney said...

She is so cute and getting so big!! Time sure does fly. They grow up so fast. I got the cute baby announcement she is so cute. Thanks.

The Cannons said...

Oh sweet Brigitte, I can't believe it but in those pictures she looks big and chunky, good work. She's got a lot of growing to do to keep up with Lila.