Thursday, August 28, 2008


Attention friends:

Run, dont walk to your nearest Costco. And stock pile as many bags of this delicacy as you can.

Thats right PIRATES BOOTY. White cheddar deliciousness that is purely ADDICTING. (It tastes like a combination of cheetos and popcorn. )It doesnt matter if its midnight, 5am, or noon....this snack always sounds good. And, best of all, once you introduce it to your friends and family - they will join you in the addiction so you dont have to snack alone in shame. My mother got me hooked, and soon I was making emergency trips over to Costco and buying 3, 4, 6 bags at a time. ITS SO GOOD! And its only got 5 grams of fat and 130 calories per serving. Apparently there are 10 servings in a bag ( my mom and I both think there is onle ONE serving per bag) but its way better for you than most other snacks. Poor Brigitte has seen the inside of the chip aisle at Costco more times than I can count. It wont shock me if her first word is "BOOTY"!


Crandall Family said...

Too funny and soooo true! It's delicious!

megan&steve said...

When I saw Pirate Booty at my costco, I KNEW one of my friends had talked about it... obviously it was you!

lisa c. said...

I LOVE that stuff, I just found it the other day and thought, I've been missing out my whole life! And your baby is still SOOO cute..:)

Craig and Lori said...

Christy, you got my hooked. I posted a blog about it. Needless to say, WOW! It's pretty much amazing.