Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shout Outs!

Our little baby is already 3 weeks old! We can hardly believe it - she is getting little chubbs and changing every day! Her hair is getting longer and lighter. Her screams are getting longer and louder :) She keeps us busy with lots of giant blowouts and frequent feeding sessions that equate to 'snacks' every hour all day long. And we LOVE it. We just cant get enough of her!

We want to thank everyone for coming to our rescue over the past 21 days - especially during the hideous mastitis episode! As always my parents were ready and waiting with costco supplies, dinners - and everytime we visit Brigitte gets MORE presents! Recently noted were these adorable clothes that Grammy picked up on one of her many shopping adventures:
We also want to thank our generous 'Aunt Jayna' who brought over a good stash of adorable clothes that her Lila had already outgrown. Not to mention a giant box of diapers, and about 5 pairs of tiny shoes! Brigitte has a great wardrobe now, thanks to Jayna's girls who were just
about as 'stylish polish' as little girls can be!

My great friend Larissa swooped in with adorable newborn clothes which saved my baby from extended periods of nudity and swimming in giant sleepers that were far too big for her little body! She even threw in a luxurious lasagna dinner complete with salad and brownies - which we feasted on with much appreciation! She also, in all her motherly wisdom, included a bottle of Mylecon drops for our little screaming baby - because she knew that they might save my life one day (and trust me - they have!) Thanks Larissa for just being so great and willing to go above and beyond for us! ( I sadly do not have any photos of Brigitte in her clothes from Larissa, but they are ADORABLE!)

Another fabulous clothing donor/lender is my favorite Emily friend. She has supplied me with everything that Brigitte is currently looking adorable in: little dresses and little sleepers. And my most favorite item she lent us - are the tiny purple knickers! I cant wait for them to fit!!!! Thanks Em, for having such good taste and being willing to share with us!

Aunt Jamie who is our best link to the outside world...comes for visits when i'm just too hideous to leave my house! We appreciate her for making us laugh, and for cleaning our bathtub in her underwear. (Funny story - she didnt want to get bleach on her new VERY spendy adorable she took them off, locked the door - and scrubbed down the guest bathroom. What can we say - shes just a true friend like that! And we know if anyone is going to love Brigitte just as much as we do - its her Aunt Jamie.

Thank you to my talented friends who make adorable baby goods! Jennifer - we LOVE this handmade beaded binky clip! Check them out and order one up for yourself because every time Brigitte wears it out, people want to know where we got it! Thanks Megan for sending it to us - and Jennifer - keep up the good work! We wish you much success!
*Because Im linking retarded, if you want to see her Etsy page, you can find it through my friends Megan and Steve.

There are of course countless other friends and family who have been so supportive and wonderful, we couldnt be coping without all of you! Thanks for your support and all the love you have shown little Brigitte!

Baby announcements are on their way! If you would like one...please send me your address via email:, or text it to my phone! We have the CUTEST picture of her, which we think would look really nice on your fridge :)

On a completely non-baby related note: A shout out to Gabe! My husband is not only a wonderful provider, father, and person...but now he is also a life saver. Yes, you heard right. Tonight at a BBQ I witnessed him jump in and do the Heimlich maneuver on a middle aged blonde woman who was choking on some meat. He saved her and then she hugged him profusely for about 5 minutes. WHAT A GUY!


Diana & CJ said...

Getting new stuff for them is my absolute favorite thing to do. Pretty soon you will realize you never even shop for yourself anymore & if you're like me you will get obsessed with making her look good all the time.

Anna Beal said...

Thats so great that you have so much support! Give that baby kisses for me.

Diana & CJ said...

Thanks for the sweet comment Christy. You're sweet!

The Cannons said...

I want to hold sweet baby Brigitte, who looks exactly like Gabe when he was a baby. As soon as Corbin gets better which we think is going to be never, I want to cuddle me some Brigitte. Your closet is so organized, I'm not so good at that. I have all of Corbin's clothes thrown into drawers. Awesome. Good job Gabe way to save a life, that's awesome!

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

No WONDER there is an ADORABLE new picture of Baby Brigitte every single time I get on your site (which is still often, as I miss your faces terribly even now)...she is definitely on stylish baby!!
Love you guys!

Designing Woman said...

I can't believe I read that WHOLE incredibly long post. But, I guess I am just so curious as to what little Brigitte is up to and also extremely sad that I can't be there to be her "baby whisperer" at two in morning. :)
Brett and I will have to come up soon (well not too soon, that probably wouldn't be too fun for you right now).

Craig and Lori said...

How adorable! She's precious!!