Monday, September 15, 2008

Crandall Family Lake House Adventure

Ok, so Sandra and Keanu KNEW what they were doing with this whole lake house idea. I might not have written magical letters and put them in a magical mailbox, but I DID eat TONZ of pirate booty and enjoyed my whole fam-damily for 3 wonderful days in McCall!!! We stayed in the most MAGNIFICENT house right on the water. It had its own dock and a few brave souls actually voluntarily swam in the lake. I myself stayed safely perched on dry land and always made sure to have brigitte attached via baby bjorn to ensure no mutinous overthrows! We played the usual games of scum, rage, and settlers late into the night - and even got the parents to watch a few episodes of Arrested Development! There was pumpkin pie, corn chowder, spectacular dutch oven enchiladas, and one especially satisfying trip to The Pancake House. As you might have guessed, I spent most of my time eating...and blaming breastfeeding for my cravings! (so convenient!)
We celebrated Carolines third birthday and wouldnt you know it, Pop delivered her number one birthday request: A pink Cheetah! We all asked her for weeks beforehand what she wanted for her birthday. And time and time again, she replied "um, a pink cheetah". We all looked and looked for this ridiculous stuffed animal for her, only to conclude that they didnt exist. And then - my dad who must have an 'IN' with santa clause, or the creater of toys r us...somehow managed to deliver. She didnt put it down the whole weekend. SO CUTE!
Gabe and I enjoyed a nice canoe ride, and one morning bike ride where we observed a pair of deer eating someones front yard. However, Gabe was a little leery of getting too close to them thanks to watching too many episodes of "when animals strike' .
We want to say a big huge THANK YOU to Mom and Dad who know how to throw a good party. We have had so many fun times with you guys and you never cease to amaze us with your generosity. We love spending time with you and living so close! LUCKY LUCKY US!

Here are LOTS of pictures from our weekend, enjoy!

This one is our FAVORITE. Enjoy the title: Scatter Kindness. Clearly, we werent scattering to the best of our abilities right then. I think we might have been having a 'family counsel' of some sort. Good Times.


Mark & Deidra Smith said...

I am so glad you liked them...Can you believe that I can sew a square? Crazy! I thought the print was perfect for you and little Bridgette :) Hope all is well

kkrich said...

fun house, fun weekend. and that last shot is also my fav. nice faces.

The Cannons said...

That sounded like tons of fun, the Crandalls know how to throw a party. I'm totally jealous. Oh and Brigitte is getting cuter by the second!

Jamie said...

Ahhh Brigitte is cuter in every picture!! I wish you guys were closer so we could have baby play dates. Haha.

Soledad said...

That trip sounds like it was a blast! Hey Christy, how in the world do you get those super cute backgrounds for your blog, mine is as plain as can be, let me know POR FAVOR! S'il te plait! and in english PLEASE! from Sol Bennett

the Allers said...

HA! Thanks for the b-day wish. Long story - PG was originally taken to the NICU right after birth b/c of meconium in the amniotic fluid. The next morning he developed pneumonia, and spent the week on meds to get rid of it. After about 5 days with no improvement they decided maybe it wasn't a breathing problem. They discovered a co-arctation in the aortic artery above his heart. THEN, he was life-flighted to Primary Children's in SLC where he eventually had heart surgery to repair it. I think we got him home when he was about 7 weeks oldish...There are a few posts about some of the earlier stuff in my archives. In a nutshell - that's my crazy 1st birth experience. But we're happy b/c he's doing just fine!

Congrats on your little one - she is darling!!

Designing Woman said...

Well, first these pics are all very cute/fun. This lake house idea sounds pretty darn great, i will have to pass this along to the Jackman's.
Secondly, i am in desperate need of blog-layout-help. HELP!!! I hate my layout, how do you do cool/different ones, I feel so behind the times.
ALSO, how do you get that thing for your links that tells you the last time someone updated? HELP!!
Lastly, Brigitte is just so cute and I wish that I was there to be a part of her cute little life.

The Cannons said...

Oh man I think you should dress Brigitte up like a pea. It sounds dumb but it looks so cute. We bought Corbin's costume on and they have so many cute costumes. You have to check it out for cute little Brigitte, just click on kids costumes and then on infant costumes.
p.s. Heidi and Spencer, too funny is there a more dysfunctional couple? And is Spencer for real, honestly what does he do?

MAnderson said...

FRIENDS! that baby....beautiful.

when can we hang out again? so i can meet her? hurry UP!

The Pooley Tribe said...

Why hello Christy Beal! I've been stalking your blog for ages, just never left a comment. Don't you hate it when people do that? Anyway, your baby is too cute and I love checking in to see what you guys are up to!