Monday, September 22, 2008

The WORST Halloween Costumes for Babies

Upon my recent search for Brigitte's Halloween costume, I have stumbled upon what I believe to be some of THE WORST dress-up ideas EVER! It never ceases to amaze me what some parents will do to their children. So tell me, which one do you find the most appalling?

  • Woopie Cushion
  • They called this a Rainbow Baby...All I see is a pinata. (And what the H is a rainbow baby anyway?)
  • Baby Ipod. Way to show off your nerd side parents.
  • A variety of babies with bad hair wigs
  • The baby christmas tree. (um, wrong season anyone?)
  • The baby Mop. Sadly, I think this might be a real product over in Asia somewhere...
  • Tutti FruityDancer/La Cucaracha
  • Naughty Milk Maid???? Seriously.
  • Is it a pioneer? Sarah plain and tall ? Nobody knows. But with a costume like this your child might get money instead of candy. This child looks homeless to me.
  • Stinky stinky car freshener
  • And lastly, my personal worst favorite : baby SHOWGIRL. Someone call CPS.


Nichole said...

I've seen some of these! The show girl is bad but a whoopee cushion??? Really?

Amber said...

Wow! How to choose. The Christmas Tree is pretty bad I'd have to say... especially that picture, the kid just looks funny! I can't wait to see what you pic out for Brigette. Grace was a monkey last year... she looked pretty dang cute!

The Pooley Tribe said...

Wow, those are amazing. I'm torn between the piney fresh air freshener and the showgirl. I'd really like to believe that no one would actually use that baby mop, but people are pretty lazy, so I guess anything is possible.

Diana & CJ said...

That's funny. I can't believe the baby mop one. Sheez

Amanda said...

Where can I find the baby mop one... that could come in handy! :) Cody and Chris are dressing up as Dwight and Michael Scott from The Office... I am not sure which will be dwight yet.

jayna said...

Dang. You've ruined the surprise because Lila was totally going to sport the Donald wig for trunk or treating.

megan&steve said...

I've seen kids as hot dogs & parents dressed like grapes. I like the traditional costumes myself.
I can't wait to see what your sweet little girl decides to be!

Erin Boyle said...

Where do you find these things! Hilarious!

maricar rondina said...

Wow, those are amazing! halloween costumes for babies .