Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Newly Acquired Wisdom

Sometimes when your baby cries inconsolably.... it doesn't mean she's hungry. Sometimes, it MIGHT mean, she is about to throw up . A LOT.

She was quite happy and relieved. 
Lesson Learned.

ps - sorry she chose your adorable outfit to puke on, em. And maybe you notice the white part is a tad greenish? Yeah, thats not the camera. I had a terrible laundry accident involving a blue blanket. Anyway, its wearable, but not white anymore. I have a gift card to GAP with your name on it. So sorry!!!! 


Anna Beal said...

Looks like someone had a little tummy ache. No fun.

The Cannons said...

That's some pretty sweet barf, we know all about that.

Jamie said...

Awww sad. :( Gracie's best explosion thus far unfortunately ended up all over my arm, and didn't come from her mouth. The joys of parenthood!

bob said...

Well, at least it looks like it matched the couch!!!

The Cannons said...

The race is on October 25th, you missed the early registration but it only saved 5 bucks anyway. The website is www.prisonbreakhalf.com
Don't be a chicken and just sign up. I ran 7 miles today for crying out loud! Oh and I think you should sign up for the 10K.

bob said...

Don't succumb to peer pressure Christy...by conquering his environment and submitting nature to his will, man has eliminated the need to run for survival. And for 10k! Who would pay that kind of money to electively run???

Emily said...

You are NOT getting a gift card silly girl! That's what babies do, I could care less about the outfit. I'm just glad she was wearing it!!
Love you, Em