Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Heart Vanity

So my too hot for words sister in law ANNA posted this Tag on beauty products. And since Carly Simon cant even SING about my level of self indulgence in this area, I thought Id write up a few of my own personal rituals and apparent beauty addictions. If Ive said it once, Ive said it a million times: Makeup saves lives! Obviously Im a huge believer in self indulgence. And for all you gorgeous babes out there reading this, Id love to read that Im not alone in my vanity. So POST your pretty little hearts out! This TAG belongs to ALL of you! (Thanks Anna for such a fun idea!)

My Foundation- So as Anna posted, I am a huge fan of Sally Hansens spray on nylons. I take a dab of neutrogena face lotion and spray a little nylon in it. This works as a base for every day wear. Im also a huge fan of Bare Minerals (thanks late night infomercials!) which I use to mix it up every now and then. And for special occasions when I need a 'mask' that will stay on for hours I use Mat velvet #35 (see your nearest Sephora). I actually GAVE BIRTH in this makeup, and have to say - it did its job! It wont come off until you SOAP it off! Man, do I LUV a flawless face!

My Blush
- Bare Minerals has a great shade called 'WARMTH" that I was long addicted to. Recently I switched over to A slightly different shade called FAUX TAN, and I throw it everywhere the sun touches!

My Day Cream
- Neutrogena face lotion with sunscreen. My mom introduced us when I was 15 and I have been hopelessly devoted every day since then. This also comes in a tinted version, which works nicely on a good skin day if you want to skip applying foundation.

My Lipstick
- UGH! How 80s is actual LIPSTICK?? I havent twisted a tube since my mom sold Avon when I was 12 and gave me a load of free samples! Im a gloss junkie, and Mary Kay makes some of the best! Also Im a huge fan of Victoria Secret's glosses. They taste Delish and look good on everyone! If Im going somewhere Posh, sometimes ill use a brownish colored lipliner (nothing fancy, just the 99 cent wet n wild one works great!). It makes your gloss stay on longer.

My Essential Beauty Product
- I have to agree with Anna again on this one. MASCARA and EYE SHADOW!!! Im addicted to H.I.P. brand for both of these. I always always wear the same color of shadow no matter what - some variation of brown. Sometimes its shimmery, other times matte. Dark and light browns. Im not a color shadow person. I cant wear purple or green - I look like a circus. And the blacker, thicker the mascara the better!

My Favorite Product- Bronzer. Run, dont walk to your nearest Sephora and pick one up! You can be having the frumpiest day ever. But slap a little bronzer on - and VOILA! Supermodel!

My Perfume- Amor Amor by Cachard or Lucky. I have a large perfume collection because different outfits require different smells. I think it is so scandalous to wear friday nights perfume to church on Sunday. The Sabbath requires something more wholesome - like Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

My Nails
- Since I have an intense hatred for fingernail files - I cant STAND getting manicures. I have had 3 in my entire life, and each time I had to sit with my eyes closed and my ipod turned up REAL LOUD! With that said, I think im lucky to have pretty good looking nails. They grow nice and long and stay nice and white.

My Feet
- First of all, I hate feet. Well, other peoples feet. I love my own.
As for toes - well we all know that I get monthly pedicures. NOTHING makes me feel better. And what is it with painted toenails that make you feel skinny? My mom and I agree on this phenomenon!

My Hands- Thanks to pregnancy I became a moisturizing junkie. Now I'm addicted to soft hands. Nothing beats a pumice stone in the bath tub for getting your palms extra holdable. Good looking hands are a must. If you have ugly hands - keep them in your POCKETS!

Three Beauty Items to take to a Desert Island
- A razor - obviously body hair is nasty. Mascara - nothing is worse than squinty bare eyes! And a giant bottle of lotion - especially since you will get nice and tan laying around!

Women I admire for their beauty-
Anna - for her ability to always look naturally gorgeous, and her amazing hands!
My mom who taught me everything I know
Jamie my BFF and person with the worlds most extensive makeup collection! And finally, Jayna - who has always had the hair to envy and the legs to match.

with the best sense of style
- Courtney, who makes a living being fashionable. Anna again for her taste in cute jeans, Krystle who takes 3 hours to pick out a shirt that may or may not have puffy sleeves. And Val, who can work the jewelry at forever 21 so well it looks like Tiffanys!

My personal Beauty secret- DIET COKE. Just kidding. A nice tanning session can pretty much cure any ugly day. And if that doesnt work - change your outfit. Dont waste a day in frumpy clothes you dont feel cute in.

My Ultimate Beauty Dream
- to be hair free ( I came close in 2003 when I worked for the MedSPA and got free laser treatments, but sadly, it all grew back by 2004). Id love some permanent makeup tattoed on. Nothing major, just some lip and eye liner! Id also love to weigh an effortless 110 pounds and be able to eat whatever I want.

Maybe after reading this you will all respect me less. Or MAYBE you will know that you are not alone in your secret makeup rituals! If you made it to this point in the post - then you are TAGGED! Congrats!


Anna Beal said...

You are so dang funny! Isn't this an awesome tag?

megan&steve said...

This was great! I need to study and learn from you & your stylish friends!

jayna said...

You do have serious make up skills. Did we have the same mother? All I ever learned was to use Great Lash, which is the worst mascara ever. And while I'm too lazy and unmotivated to ever do 99% of your suggestions that I find ridiculous, I forgive you your I HEART VANITY because 1. You always look perfect and 2. For the hair/legs compliment, although truth be told you would not want my legs because they would make all of your adorable designer jeans high water pants.

johnandcourtney said...

Thanks for the shout out on style. That is the funnest tag I think I have ever read, because...yes...I Heart Vanity too!

Soledad said...

hey Christy, it was fun visiting you all, thanks for putting us on your 'attractive People" list. By the way, I may need your help to beautify myself even more! (hee hee). AuRevoir!