Friday, September 26, 2008

Pip pip cheery-o!

So when I was about 6 months pregnant I was scouring ebay for some listings of ladybird sleepsuits. What are these fantastic things you ask? WEll.... they just happen to be the cutest best nighttime wear for your (gender not yet identified) baby! Perfect for a girl or boy, they are long sleeved all white button down sleepers, cotton snuggly, and sure to make your baby charmin soft and squeezable. The down side? We Americans are behind the times. These beauties are straight up European. British to be exact. And they are hard to find. Every once in a while you can snag a few off ebay so when I was pregnant I checked frequently.

I saw a listing for some and emailed the seller. I asked if they would do me a massive favor and send me a couple packs in every size 0-12 months. I had never met this person. They lived on the other side of the ocean...but the next morning I met CAROLINE via email and thus started a wonderful friendship with my best friend from ebay ever! She responded with gusto and went out shopping for me. A short time later I got my teensy white sleepsuits in the mail and they were so adorable. When Brigitte was born she lived in these until Jaynas first shipment of girly clothes arrived. They are still my nighttime favorite choice for her because they are the perfect thickness/warmness to wear under a sleepsack.

Anyway, back to Caroline. SO instead of paying her through paypal like I planned, she wanted some cutie GAP clothes for her 3 Adorable kids. I went out and found a couple t-shirts and mailed them over. She sent me some pictures of the kids sporting their new summer duds, and somehow ever since then we have been email buddies! She wrote to me after Brigitte was born and I told her that I could NOT believe I had given birth to a girl! I mailed her a birth announcement, and she mailed me these: An ADORABLE light pink linen dress that will fit her in the spring/summer next year (which the pictures just dont do justice!) AND two long sleeved shirts that say I heart Mummy, and I heart Daddy. Basically, we think they are the cutest gifts ever.

Thanks Caroline for being so kind and sending such a cute present to a baby (and family!) you will likely never see or meet! Its nice to know that there are people in the world who are still willing to go above and beyond to serve strangers! Im glad we are email friends. And maybe someday I will persuade you to get a blog!!!


stadia said...

look so darling in that dress.

stadia said...

Whoops! I meant to say that Brigette will look so cute in that dress. Please post pictures of her in it.