Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gabes Turn

Hello all- it's been awhile since i've written anything, so i decided to catch everyone up. yea! i just had my birthday- i'm really starting to feel the effects of being an old man. i went and played some flag football 2 weeks ago and had to go to the chiropractor 3 times to get my back put back into place. What is up with that? it has totally motivated me though- since then i have done nothing to remedy the situation.

christy did a wonderful job of meeting any birthday expectations that i may of had- she took me fishing (i still haven't caught a fish), out for steak, bought me sweet workout clothes (that's not a hint), got me a saw, and we were abe to go to arco for the weekend. it was a great time. she really goes the extra mile to make me feel special. i've got a great gal.

my project is going well, we are 244 feet in the air and are just about ready to put the "cab" on top of the tower. we are trying to get this done before winter hits- oops, i guess we missed that by a mile since winter decided to show up this past week. it was pretty awesome to see huge, quarter-sized snowflakes in the sky. it made me want to set up our christmas stuff. too bad we still have to celebrate halloween and thanksgiving first. i'm not in a rush though- i love this entire season, it's great. my highway project got done back in september, but we are still analyzing (fighting) the final penalty for our wall being just a little out of spec. apparently when the state of idaho decided they needed a new median on i-84 they wanted it to be straight- dumb. we gave them a roller coaster- it's way more exciting. well our shotty work is only going to cost us $90K, but at least we still turned a profit, so that's good. now we just need to hire sober carpenters. yesterday i had a blast building a work bench. i'm going to build 2 of them- one for my brother-in-law curtis and the other for me. it was fun to put something together- and not cut my hand off like christy thought i would with my new saw- i love it.

well, brigitte is just about perfect- i can't get enough of her. she is the best little football watcher and napper i've ever had. she knows how to snuggle right into my armpit and just pass out. she's has brought so much joy into our lives- i feel so grateful and would just do anything for her. we can't wait to put her in her Halloween costume, have her witness Thanksgiving disaster part 3, and spoil her rotten at Christmas.

Hope you are all doing well. Gabe


stadia said...

All I can say it gets worse at forty.
Give Brigette and Christy a hug.

kkrich said...

thanks for the update gabbers. brig is pretty rad and christy is a gem. so glad u are happy. even if u are all the way in idaho. miss u at our awkward ugly sweater party this year.

Whitney said...

I hope you had a great birthday. Your baby is so dang cute!!! I bet you are having so much fun with her. Dosen't getting old Suck? I think is does sometimes!!!