Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little 'B' Update

Brigitte had her first official Doctors appointment yesterday morning. They call this the 8 week check up even though she is nearly 11 weeks old. So here is how she weighed in:

  • 12 pounds 9 ounces (75%)
  • 23 1/4 inches long (60%)
  • 38.5 cm head circumference (25%)
So what do all these numbers mean? Apparently we have a fatter than average, shorter than average baby...with a teeny tiny head!!!  Poor Brigitte. Well have to see whos genes win out in this battle. But I have a feeling she is going to be a solid little shorty! Fine by me, I always wanted to be a gymnast, maybe Brigitte can be the next Shawn Johnson. 

She also got 3 shots in her little chubby thighs, which was the saddest thing ever. She looked up at me and immediately cried that awful cry where they dont breathe for about 2 solid minutes. Luckily it was over fast and she calmed down pretty quickly (which doesnt happen often). All day yesterday she ran a fever and was in a needy mood. I pretty much held her all day, which I will never complain about. She is a sweet little snuggly thing now that she sucks her thumb constantly. As long as she can get it in her mouth without scratching up her face too bad, shes a happy camper! 

Her hair is also starting to grow in, and its getting lighter and lighter. Both Gabe and I were blondies as children, so I suspect she will be the same way. Her eyes are also changing color, from blue to grayish/greenish color. I think she got my eyes, which probably means GLASSES! Poor girl. 

I have been seeing more and more of myself in her lately, although nobody else agrees with me. I dont care, its nice to finally feel like shes MY baby, and not Gabes from another marriage! We have really been enjoying Brigitte the past few weeks. She is a CRAZY talker and extremely chatty. Although, no shock there...seeing as we are a little bit to blame for the chatty gene. She is also smily and learning to laugh. I cant wait for her to laugh AT someone insead of just on her own for no reason! Its going to be so adorable. Here are a few pictures in what we call her 'BABUSHKA SWEATER AND HAT'. Old ladies love to squeeze her cheeks when we take her out in this! 


Nichole said...

Oh she is too sweet. I need to cuddly her. Lets make a date for December. Sound good?

Designing Woman said...

Shawn Johnson...classic.

I love the babushka outfit!(don't judge the spelling). You are such a good mom, because you always dress brigitte so cute (stolen quote from Gabe).

Shawn AND Chelsey said...


jayna said...

I do so love that outfit. It transforms any baby immediately into a Baby Dear!

The Cannons said...

Sooo cute. I love Brigitte!