Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To Gabe

My MaN is 32!!!!

We have had a week of celebrating for my dear sweet husband. We celebrated the Crandall way with a little fishing on Tuesday evening. Even though there was very little fish catching involved, we had a great time watching Gabe and Tyler try and try. Grace still holds the family record for most fish caught (and that record is ONE). Maybe next year boys!

We mostly sat around on the sand eating delicious greasy KFC and watching the babies roll
 around and play. Grace and Caroline as always delighted us with their witty banter and silliness. 

We ended with a little strawberry shortcake and called it a night. Not bad for impromptu fishing at "exotic" Horseshoe Bend!

Here is Gabe teaching Brigitte how to hold a fishing pole. She looks about as interested in it as I was...

Lila and Brigitte bonding on a blanket. Not pictured: the pile of sand in their hair and mouths...

Gabe showing off his 'waders' and Tyler posing after he unknotted his giant mess of a fishing line!

The Dads. *please enjoy Lilas feet and cankles in this shot

Brigitte in her teensy white snuggle

Strawberry shortcake feast!

Grammy, Pop, Grace, and Caroline enjoying the scenery from atop a boulder.

As Gabe's birthday week continued, we had a Beal family get together on wednesday night. Everyone came over wielding meats and delicious side dishes and we BBQd and watched the football game on TV. There were kids everywhere  - on couches, in the street, in the backyard, on the patio furniture. It was awesome! We always have a blast watching the wild things play
The night ended with all of us stuffed beyond recognition and blissfully lazy. Brigitte loves letting it all hang out!

For the grand finale on his ACTUAL birthday (TODAY) I made him go help stack wood at my parents house! (Gabe one of the things I love most about you is your willingness to always help out with manual labor!!) And then we headed off to CottonWood Grille for prime rib dinner! We had a few pictures taken of us right before we left, but sadly I was looking way too rainy haired and tired to post them in all their hideous glory!

I love you Gabe! Hope you had a good week for turnin 32!


johnandcourtney said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! Brigitte's little white snuggle is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

Nichole said...

You so need to come to Alaska next summer. It is amazing and gorgeous. And don't worry, Justin has bear spray, packs heat and Macy is a bear alarmer because she is noisy on walks (She scares them away before we startle them).
So, yeah, you guys should come.
And your a pretty dang good friend too :)

megan&steve said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! I loved the captions for the fishing pictures. I'm so glad your little Brigitte wearst that stylin binky clip. She knows fashion!

jayna said...

I'm glad you finally posted these! It was a fun night, although I do wish the picture of Lila sucking on Brigitte's hand had turned out!

We love ya Gabe-rrr!

Jamie said...

Oh Brigitte's wonderful sweet kissy chins!!! I LOVE baby chins-in-multiple!!!